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What are the three priority factors on the child risk form?

Previous or current evidence of child abuse and or neglect.
Basic needs of the child/ren not being appropriately addressed
Breach of a protection order or family court order or PSO.


How many priority factors of child abuse have to be present for a automatic referral to CYF to be required?

One or any combination of the factors with the approval of a supervisor


What are the key process points in a FV investigation?

Initial response
Investigation and crime scene exam
Referral to CIB/CPT/CYF
Interviewing witnesses and suspects
Formally assessing and completing 1310
Considering arrest
Issuing PSO
Ensuring safety,support and intervention
Prosecuiton or case disposition
Sharing info with other agencies
Monitoring and evaluation


What is the one risk assessment tool?



What are the two risk ways of collecting risk information re FV?

Child risk factor forms
Intimate partner vulnerability factor form.


What powers does a district court have re protection orders?

It can issue a temp protection order and detail the person for up to 2 hours to serve. It can issue a final PO when sentencing an offende for an offence involving DV if satisfied its necessary and the victim agrees.


Up to what age are children protected on a PO?

All children are covered including those of 17 and over while still living at home. Once they move out they have to be identified in the ordr as a specified person or apply for an order themselves.
May also apply to a person with whom the applicant has a domestic relationship.


What is the situation re non molestation orders and non violence orders under the domestic protection act 1982?

If they wre in force when the DVA 1995 came in they are treated as protection ordes now but do NOT contain the conditions re weapons.