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What is the long term goal of safer journeys?

A safe road system increasingly free of death and serious injury


What are the 4 areas Safe Systems is focussing on?

Safe roads, safe speeds, safe vehicles, safe road use.


What are the five high concern areas where performance on the roads needs strengthening

Improve safety if young drivers
Reduce alcohol and drug impaired drivers
Achieve safer roads and roadsides
Achieve safer speeds
Increase the safety of motorcyclists


What are the 6 medium concerns for safer journeys?

Improve the safety of the light vehicle fleet
Achieve safer walking and cycling
Improve safety of heavy vehicles
Address distractions
Reduce the impact of high risk drivers


What is the role of the pursuit controller?

To supervise and coordinate the overall response
Select and implement appropriate tactical options


What is the responsibility of a pursuit controller after a pursuit

To ensure the comms section of the pursuit notification form is completed asap after the conclusion of the pursuit
To arrange a debrief with the dispatcher if required.