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What are the 5 basic funtions of Command?

Leading, planning, organising, coordinating, controlling.


What does planning involve?

Forward thinking
Decision making
Goal orientation


What is a plan?

Its a statement of the means chosen to achieve a desired result. It must answer 5WH.


What are the principles of organising?

Setting objectives- what do we want to achieve
Rational assignment- do they have the skills
Defining responsibility-who does what
Delegating authority- assigning and accepting responsibility
Utility of command- one person one boss
Scope of control-limiting no of tesm members under a supervisors control


What is coordinating?

Bringing it all together. Everyone involved must know how they contribute to the objective.
Communication is the key.


What is controlling?

The process by which the commander ensures that the actual activity conforms to those planned.


What are the diffeent forms of controls?

Pre controls- what must be done before we begin
Steering controls- spotting problems as they develop, taking corrective action
Yes/no controls- formal check points with criteria that have to be met before proceeding further
Feedback controls- debriefing, learning fom mistakes


What is an appreciation?

Its a method of problem solving using a set pattern so that all possible factors/ alternatives are considered.


In a major operation who does the plan get forwarded to?

Submit to supervisor to approve who will forward it to the district commander who may refer it to the national manager operations or PNHQ


What is an order?

It is directions used by the OC to convey a plan to those who will execute it. A direction about how to do something.


What is an instruction?

It is a direction to achieve something, usually given by a highter HQ to a lower one. Gives a plan in general terms and commandes intent but not a detailed course of action. Will direct the security classification of the operation.


What are the 5 types of orders?

Warning orders-preliminary notice of an order/operation that will follow
Administrative instructions- used to coordinate actions that are entirely admin. (Equipment replacement programmes- SME)
Operation Instructions- lay down the general plan allowing those recieving them to prepare ops orders. Pass from higher to lower HQs
Op orders-ordrs that come directly from the ops order commander. Issued as GSMEAC.
Movement orders-issued by HQ whenever staff are moved on duty over any distance. Must include definite & detailed instruction for control, discipline, responsibility and safety


What is a briefing?

A general overview of an operation given by operational commander to those involved. Generally only needed in large opertions.


What is an orders group?

Meeting at which orders are given to key personnel who then prepare/deliver their own orders to their staff.
In a large operation only the key people attend but the 2ic and logistics officer must be there.


What is the 6 step process?

Time delay
Summary of incident
Direction of travel
Mode of travel
Descriotion of offender/ vehicles
Additional relevant info (hazards, weapons)