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Animal Cults

- Popular religion during the Ptolemaic Period and Late Period
- Animals were asw particular deities
- Worshippers sought to hour the deity by donating bronze or mummified remains of the associated animals
- Dogs were linked to Anubis


Apis Bull

- Buried at Saqqara in huge granite sarcophagi
- ASW the Egyptian God Osiris
- At Memphis during Early Dynastic Period
- The Bull god was mourned throughout Egypt


Beautiful Festival of the Valley

- Honored the souls of the deceased and allowed for the living and dead to celebrate together
- People visited with their departed loved ones at their tombs and brought bouquets of flowers and food and drink offering
- Happened between harvest and the nile flood
- Divine boat of Amun traveled from the Karnak temple to the necropolis of Western Thebes


Canon of Proportion

- Images look alike do to this standard formula
- A grid system used to draw out the standard formula
- Artist would plot points on predetermined set of measurements then connect the dots ultimately creating a human figure
- Based on Hierarchy more important larger the person


Canopic Jars

- Organs were placed in individual jars
- Known as the 4 sons of Horus
- Liver, lungs, intestines, stomach were removed and wrapped separately
- Imsety (human), Hapy (ape), Kebehsenuef (falcon), Dauamutef (jackal)


Edwin Smith surgical papyrus

- Systematic analysis of injuries and their treatment
-Textual tradition stretching back to the ~Middle Kingdom
- Used for teaching and Reference
- Symptoms listed together with specific findings from physical exams



- Written in hieroglyphs for "god" repeated in 3 groups of 3
- Atum's evolution into the maj. elements and forces of the created world in generational terms as a group of 9 gods
- Often Considered as a collective designation fro maj. cosmic gods rather than a specific grp
- Shu and Tefnutm, Geb and Nut, Oriris and Isis, and Seth and Nephthys



- Unhappy of acculturation only looking at the dominate group to open side
- State run text top down, archy bottom up what's happening on the ground what cant we get from the textual record
- Dynamic aspects of adoptiion of Nubian and Egypt culture


Execration magic

- Listing names of Egypt potential enemies is inscribed on pots or figurines
- Pots or Figurines are broken, incinerated and buried
- Intended to destroy the malign spirit
- pots and figurines are known as execration texts



- Fired to form a natural glazed
- created through molds
- Used to create game pieces for Senet
- Used for grave goods


"God's wife"

- Most important position in the temple
- Usually held by the daughter of the king who never married
- Carry out ritual actions before the god such as shaking of the sacred rattle
- Hatshepsut was a prominent but after her death the importance declined



- 4 Bullet Points



- 4 Bullet Points



-His guy a warrior and high official a royal fan barer
- Raised in the Egyptian court, son of Nubia prince poss
- He had a tomb of the valley of the kings
- Dark skin depicted in the book of the dead


Meroitic Culture

- late in time its own script and language
- Demotic Based alphabet
- Large increase on female rulings
- Art had more realistic body depictions



- Fertility, virility, and reproduction
- Amun manifested as Min
- Usually represented in human form
- Had a fail in his right hand and erect penis


Mummy Caches

- 4 Bullet Points



- Eight Deities " group of eight"
- Venerated at Hermopolis known as "eight town"
- Thought to have existed before the creation, creator Deities
- Appear just before the Ptolemaic Period


Opening of the Mouth

- Priest wears the mask pf Anubis
- Last funeral rite before final offerings were made and the body was entombed
- Priest touches mummy mouth, eyes, and ears with adze to ensure the use in afterlife
- Larger funerals ceremony came after a great procession


Opet Festival

- Boat procession
-Held in late summer it celebrated the journey of the god Amun from Karnak to Luxor
- Priests would carry out the ceremonial boats to waters edge
-Ram head of Amun draped with necklaces would be placed on the Bow


Osiris Myth

- Rebirth of the Netherworld
- Murdered by his brother Seth
- Isis restores Osiris body in order to conceive Horus
- Horus fights Seth and ultimately wins and restores order and resurrects Osiris



- Lost Capitol for Ramesses II
- The capitol took about 18 yrs to build
- Moved the capitol to be easier to locate by diplomats
- Known for its elaborate size


Sacred Barque

- Said to be gods of Egyptians transportation
- More elaborate boats appeared in the reign of Hatshesput
- May have been housed in special chapels in the temples
- Shrine with the cult statue is placed in the boats cabin
- Bow and stern were decorated with the haed of the god


Sympathetic magic

- Homeopathic is similarities between ideas,
objects, and people
- Homeopathic similar to voodoo doll
-Contagious is once in contact, always in
- Contagious is Hair, fingernail clippings, etc.


Temple of Karnak

- Located on the east bank of Thebe
- Series of temples built by succession of pharaohs and dedicated to the state god Amun
- monumental gateways, aves sphinxes and sacred lakes make to main axes
- Primary source for all aspects Ancient Egypt culture after the old kingdom


Votive Objects

- Elite set up votive statues and steale in temple precincts
-Purpose was to link for eternity the donor with the deity of the temple and the cult perform there
- Depict deceased rulers
- believed that prayers and offerings to the late monarch would bring them benefits


Wab Priest

- 4 Bullet Points


Wadi hammamat

- Produced stone mainly for statues
- Location of the Fawakhir gold mines
- Blocks transported on sleds by ox or ment
- Exploited for its graywacke


"Weighing of the Heart"

- Heart center of thought, memory, and personality
- Weighed on a balance by the god of Anubis while divine scribe Thoth records the verdict
- Heart and feather are equal weight the deceased is declared true
- He or she might also join the celestial circuit



- Chief god of Memphis
- United craftsmanship and the creative word into the theory of creations
- Father of Ramesses II
- Mummified man holding a scepter