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Social development

Commitment that develop processes need to benefit people - ALL people


Issues that could be caused by development

Pollution, international competitiveness, peace and security


3 ways Canada is an actor in the globalizing world

Trade, immigration & emigration, humanitarian assistance


What Political Factors lead to Canada's aid assistance

-Stop the spread of communism through aiding countries that may be vulnerable.
-Search for a new market in Asia
-Benefits from tied aid


Decolonization of the Mind

-Questioning main structures and ideology of theories and common thought

-Deconstruction of development assumption

-Paradigm shift

-challenging western ideas


Manfred Sticker take on globalization

1. new social networks
2. expand social relations
3. global personhood*


Economic Globalization

The increasing integration and interdependence of national economies around the world



Actions or processes that involve the entire world and result in making something worldwide in scope.


sustainable development

Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


Mainstream theory of development has 3 parts. List them.

1. Economic development
2. Theory of economic growth
3. Modernization theory


According to mainstream theory of development what does development depend on?

1. Economic growth and materialism
2. Development within (endogenous)
3. Rights and freedoms and democracy


What year did international development begin?



Impacts of the condition of globality

Decenters the structure of power and changes the meaning and basis of development


Has Canada fixed all their internal issues?

No but it is still a developed country.
->pollution, environment, inequality, aboriginal issues, ageing population, etc


Give modern examples of globalization in Canadian culture

1. Restaurants (show migration, finance, trade and networking)


If Canada became a developed country, can others do it to? Explain.

Although other developing countries do not have the same resources and connections as Canada did it is possible to develop.


List the 3 stages of 16th century inside national development

1. Idea
2. Concept
3. Mainstream theory


List the 3 stages from 1949 on outside international development

1. Idea
2. Mainstream theory
3. Beyond the theory


Explain the emergence of liberalism

Liberalism came from the idea of liberation during the Feudalism era. At this time there was no flow between the social hierarchy


Harry Truman's proposal

In 1949 president Truman gave an inaugural speech which declared that the US would give financial aid to all "peace-making" (democratic) countries to give them a chance at a better life


What did Walt Rostow do?

Created the theory of development in 1960


Theory of development 1960

A book written by Walt Rostow established 5 stages which, if followed, would develop a country


Who created the newer model of dependency theory?

Ander Gunder Frank


Condition of globality

-social condition as a result of the process of globalization
-social condition as a result of global economic, political culture and environmental interconnectedness (network) and flows that make most of the currently existing borders and boundaries irrelevant


What is Import Substitution Industrialization policy? Why was it beneficial in the short term but ineffective in the longer

- is one that suggests replacing foreign imports with locally-made products in order to reduce dependency on other countries.

- The main goals of it were to create independence and domestic control of the economy.


Main method used under the dependency theory:

- to address the needs of citizens within the country as opposed to the needs of the international community

- ideal of being independent was costly, because they could not learn from the experience of other countries


Dependency in the long term:

In the long term:  
o high economic and social costs
o State ownership and protection created inefficient economic institutions
o Widespread corruption
o Agriculture neglected ⇒ weakening food security


What is EOI policy? Describe the controversy over the role of EOI policy.

- Exchange Oriented Industrialization

- The failure of and limitations in ISI led governments to consider EOI as an alternative way of promoting economic growth


Reasons for growth of EMEs:

- Political stability

- Encouraging entrepreneurship

- Industries strictly targeted for economic growth

- privatization

- improved infrastructure


How could some developing countries achieve fast-economic growth? Explain the strategies for success.

- International trade liberalization and trade transparency to improve standards and policy instruments, also to enhance the global market with goods, services and investment for developing countries

- Go from Import Substitution Industrialization (with high economic/social costs, inefficient economic institutions, widespread corruption, and weak food security) to EOI

- Maturity of the private sector: Investment in capital stock