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What is the common name for cerebrovascular disease?



Define Coronary artery disease and Vascular disease

It’s when the arteries in the heart are narrowed or blocked causing decreased blood flow

Vascular disease is when the blood vessels in other parts of the body are narrowed or blocked causing decreased blood flow


What are Arrhythmias?

A heart rhythm disease that causes the heart to beat, too fast, too slow, or erratically


What are the 2 types of structural heart disease?

1. Congenital 2. Those acquired after birth


What is the difference between heart failure and heart attack?

Heart attack can cause heart failure ~

Heart failure is when the heart stops functioning fully

Heart attack is when the heart becomes weakened or damaged


What do CHD, IHD, MI all have in common?

They’re all diseases of the vessels that supply the heart and other muscles with blood


What is hypertensive heart disease due to?

Diseases that are caused by high blood pressure


What is Peripheral arterial disease (PAD)?

Disease of the blood vessels that supply arms and legs


What are some important global trends to know?

- CVD leading cause of death WW
- Most CVD deaths occur in low and middle income countries