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common stock

bottom of the priority ladder for ownership structure


preferred stock

- priority to claim dividends over common stockholders
- do not have an ownership interest in the firm


common stockholders rights (3)

1. residual claim to income
2. voting right
3. right to purchase new shares


cumulative voting process

to determine the number of shares needed to elect a given number of directors


rights offering

an issue of rights to a companies existing shareholders that entitles them to buy additional sharers directly from the company



Shares of stock that are trading but no longer have rights attached because they have either expired, been transferred to another investor or been exercises.


poison pill

a rights offering made to existing shareholders of a company, at a very low price
- used to avoid a takeover


american depository receipts

A negotiable certificate issued by a U.S. bank representing a specified number of shares (or one share) in a foreign stock that is traded on a U.S. exchange.


cumulative dividends

If preferred stock dividends are not paid in any one year, they accumulate and must be paid in total before common stockholders can receive dividends


conversion feature

allows a company to confer preferred stock into common stock or convertible debt


Call feature

allows corporations for the retirement of security before maturity


floating rate

* Floating rate preferred stocks have dividends adjustable in nature
* interest rate that is allowed to move up and down with the rest of the market


auction rate preferred stock

The stock is issued to the bidder willing to accept the lowest yield and then to the next lowest bidder, and so on until all the preferred stock is sold


par value

of preferred stock is set at the anticipated market value at the time of the issue