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Benefits and potential harms in the field of genetics

- as the field of genetics continues to advance, people who have not received a diagnosis for an issue can find out the problem
- However, the answer may not always be the best outcome. EX: Issue w. child stems from the fact that the parents are related and did not know it


Questions raised by the Human Genome Project

- Who to test
- When to test them
- Established ELSI to address ethical concerns (Ethical, legal, and social implications)


Role of Health Care professional in addressing ethical issues

- medical professionals try to act ethically based on four basic principles
- however, respecting patients and their families may not be possible at the same time so respect for autonomy is honored while justice and beneficence are not.


- 4 Basic Priciples

1. Respect for autonomy = free will / agency
2. Beneficence = Action done for benefit of others
3. Non-maleficence = do no harm
4. Justice = equality; social distribution of benefits and burdens


Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA, 2008)

- protects people from genetic discrimination so people can't be treated unfairly based on DNA differences (ex: insurance)
- however, though the law covers health insurance and employers, it doesn't include life insurance, disability insurance, or long-term care insurance