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What is Nicholas Copernicus' most famous book?

On The Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres
- retrograde planetary motion
- sun at the centre of the universe
- world designed by God
- Scientific knowledge gap between the academics & the common people


What happened in 1608?

The telescope was invented by Hans Lippershey


What is Galileo's Most Famous Book?

Dialogue on the Two Chief World Systems: Ptolemaic & Copernican
- most famous book
- tides are proof that earth moves
- abandoned theory after taking heat from church


What are the 4 conclusions of Galileo?

1.) • Galileo did NOT view Science & Religion in a Warfare Relationship
2.) • Galileo was a Christian
3.) • Galileo had Academic Hermeneutics
4.) • Lessons from the Galileo Affair for Today


What is Charles Lyell's Famous Book?

Principles of Geology
- principle of uniformitarianism: using same forces & same intensities of processes observed on earth today to explain the earth's past


What is the Gap Theory?

• Millions of years of geological time put in “gap” between Gen 1:1 & 1:3


What is the Day-Age Theory?

• Days of Gen 1 = geological periods millions of years long


According to Global Flood Theorists - Young Earth Creation - believe that the date of the Flood was:

2344 BC/E


What are the 6 stages of the Origins of the Biblical Flood Account?

1.) Real Destructive Floods & Real Flood Survivors
2.) Ancient Historiography – history of the day
3.) Hebrews Appear LATE in Ancient Near East & Inherit the Flood Motif
4.) Hebrews RE-CYCLE & RE-INTERPRET the Flood Motif
5.) Hebrews Become Literate & Write TWO Flood Accounts
6.) Redactor (Editor) Puts J & P Flood Accounts Together to Form Genesis 6-9


What is Charles Darwin's most Famous Book? and year

1859 - Origin of Species


What are William Pale's conflated premises?

• Intelligent design – nature reflects the purposeful design of the creator
• Perfect adaptation – everything in nature fits together perfectly
• Beneficence – nature is good throughout


What is Darwin’s Epistemological Dilemma: “The Horrid Doubt”?

• Darwin states he can’t trust his mind:
On subjects of Intelligent Design & God
To make “grand conclusions”
• He contradicts himself – self-referential incoherence


What are 2 conclusions about Darwin?

1.) Darwin was never an atheist or a Darwinist
2.) Darwin struggled with intelligent design throughout his life


What are the Four components of Ancient Accounts of Origins?

o Ancient cosmogony – science of the day
o Ancient historiography – history of the day
o Ancient story & allegory – story-like format
o Religious (metaphysical) interpretation – spiritual truths & values of a community or civilization


What are the Four Major Motifs?

• De Novo Creation Motif
• Lost Idyllic Age Motif
• Tribal Formation Motif
• Great Flood Motif


What are the 6 stages of Re-Cycle & Re-Interpret Theory?

1) Mesopotamians & Egyptians Conceive the Motifs of Origins – oral form
2) Mesopotamians & Egyptians Write Down their Accounts of Origins
3) Hebrews Appear Late in ANE & Inherit Motifs of Origins – oral form, 1st archaeological evidence of existence of Israel
4) Hebrews Re-Cycle & Re-Interpret ANE Motifs of Origins – spiritual truths
5) Hebrews Become Literate & Write Down Two Accounts of Origins – J and P accounts
6) Redactor Puts J & P Accounts of Origins Together to Form Genesis 1-11


What is the Source Theory?

Priestly (P) - Author
Jahwist (J) - Author
Redactor (R) - Editor


When was the 1st appearance of Hebrews in Ancient Near East?

1200 BC/E


What is the Cosmic Fall?

• God judges humans for sin - suffering & death enter the world termed the “cosmic fall”


What is the key thought of the modern origins debate?

There is a lot of anti-evolutionism


What is Monogenism?

Humanity arose from ONE individual


What is Polygenism?

Humanity arose from a GROUP of people


What are the 2 main concepts with the Doctrine of Original Sin?

1.) 1st sin of Adam
2.) Sin transferred from Adam to all human beings

formulated by St. Augustine


What is the distinction between Evolutionary Monegenism, Punctiliar Polygenism, and Gradual Polygenism?

Evolutionary Monegenism - Adam and Eve
Puntiliar Polygenism - Many Adams and Eves
Gradual Polygenism - NO Adam and Eve


What is Augustine's Theodicy?

Original Perfection
- God created original creation perfect and Adam and Eve brought moral evil into the world


What is Irenean's Theodicy?

Original Innocence
- God created original creation innocent and immature
- People need to experience moral evil and horrid natural realities


What is Des Absconditus?

Des Absconditus – (God who hides) The hidden character of God. This allows the world to look as purely natural phenomenon


What is Dues Revelatus?

Dues Revelatus – (God who reveals) The revealing character of God. This allows the world to be viewed as mediating his presence and being seen as God’s creation