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what time shall members assume their assigned positions, and who must approve deviations from any assigned positions?

members will assume their assigned positions each day before 0630 hors and the station captain must approve deviations from any assigned positions.


when shall members check their respective equipment and apparatus?

members shall check their respective equipment and apparatus at or before relief time, 0630, to ensure operational readiness.


what time shall the equipment checklist be filled out by?

the equipment checklist shall be filled out before 0700 unless interrupted by emergency calls.


what should e/o's be responsible for and have complete by 0700 hours?

e/o's shall be responsible for the operational readiness of the vehicle or apparatus. (engine, fuel not < 3/4, water level, warning lights, tires,batteries, etc...)


what happens if faulty or missing equipment is discovered on apparatus?

all members are responsible for reporting faulty or missing equipment to the captain of the apparatus or the station captain. the captain will take the appropriate action to report or repair the equipment. the station captain shall report missing equipment to their district chief and enter the info into the captain's log before 0700.


when should roll call be conducted?

routinely at 0730 each morning and at any other time the station captain deems necessary.


when should daily station cleanup begin?

no later than 0830.


how long should officers maintain entries made into the watch office log book?

officers shall maintain all entries made into the watch office log book for one year from the date of entry.


what is the time limit to reach the apparatus when dispatched on a call?

members must reach their apparatus within one minute of dispatch and will be able to see their apparatus at all times when dining out.


which uniform should be worn when dining out?

members must be in class b uniforms while dining out and conduct themselves with dignity and respect at all times.