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Three types of fitness

Strength / Endurance


Resistance training, improve muscle mass, increase bone density

Strength / Endurance


Benefits of Strength / Endurance

Benefit increase blood flow, lower bp, increase cal burned


Aerobic fitness, heart and lungs improve efficiency to absorb oxygen

Cardio Exercises


Benefits of Cardio Exercises

Reduced type. 2, heart diseases, lower bp, improve sleep


Increased range of motion. Reduced injury, decreases muscle soreness, improve posture



Feature 64: Interior Fitness Circulation precondition for?
Optimization For?

Precon for C andS and NEB

Optimization for NEI


Feature 64: Interior Fitness Circulation. Part 1: Stair Accessibility and Promotion.

Applies for projects with how many floors?

2-4 floors


Feature 64: Interior Fitness Circulation. Part 1: Stair Accessibility and Promotion requires what?

o Part 1a: requires one common staircase.

o Part 1b: requires presence of way finding throughout the space. To encourage stairway use.
 Located in elevator banks, one sign per bank


Feature 64: Interior Fitness Circulation. Part 2: Staircase design for buildings with 2 to 4 floors. At least 1 common staircase must meet: 3 guidelines.

Located within?
Visible for?
Minimum width of?

Located wihtin 7.5m or 25’ from main project entrance, checkpoint, etc

Visible for high traffic routes, located visually before elevators

Minimum width of 1.4M or any based on local coded


Feature 64: Interior Fitness Circulation. Part 3: Facilitative Aesthetics requires the stairs to be more appealing.

Requires to implement how many?

- how much area?
- what kind of windows?
- what light levels?

Requires 2 out of 6

-Daylight using windows or skylights at least 1 m2 in total area
-View windows to outdoors
-Light levels of at least 215 lux 20fc


Feature 65: Activity Incentive Programs
precondition for?



Feature 65: Activity Incentive Programs requires what?

Requires employers to develop fitness initiative plan


Feature 65: Activity Incentive Programs. . Part 1: Activity Incentive Programs requires implement 2 of the 6 strategies.

Cite the 6 strategies.

Tax exempt payroll deductions

Reimbursements or incentive payments (inc. non monetary) offered for every 6 months period that employee meets a 50 visit minimum to a gym or physical activity program

Meaningful subsidy offered at least yearly towards participation to gym etc

Subsidy offered at least yearly towards annual bicycle share membership

No cost or discounted physical activity memberships where 30% of occupants use regularly over the last 6 months


Other qualifiers for Activity Incentive Programs

Strategy may include other plans. Others that can be added: wellness screenings, coaching, smoking cessation programs, wearable fitness tracker etc


Feature 66: Structured Fitness Opportunities optimization for



Feature 66: Structured Fitness. • Part 1: Fitness Programs has 2 requirements which are

Part 1: Fitness Programs - requires on site training be offered by qualified professional once per month

Part 2: Fitness Education - requires training sessions be offered at least once every 3 months by a qualified teacher


What fitness instructor must cover in Fitness education

o Diff modes of exercise
o Safe fitness techniques to reduce injuries
o Comprehensive exercise regimens that addresses specific goals


Feature 67: Exterior Active Design optimization for ?

All 3 project types


Feature 67: Exterior Active Design

First 2 parts applies to?

3rd part applies to?

First 2 parts where building takes-up less than 75% of lot size. Part 3 if building is >75% of lot size


Feature 67: Exterior Active Design. Part 1: Pedestrian Amenities requires design features that is functional and comfortable/engaging.

Cite 3 options.

How many is required?


Cluster of movable tables and chairs

Drinking fountain

1 out of 3


Feature 67: Exterior Active Design. Part 2 Pedestrian Promotion encourages walking by visual art. Cite 4 options.

How many is required?

-Water fountain or any water feature
-Plaza or open air courtyard
-Garden, Landscaped elements
-Public art

At least 2


Feature 67: Exterior Active Design. Part 3: Neighboring Connectivity encourages to engage neighbors.

Cite 2 options to achieve this.

How many is required?

At least 1 of 2:

Part 3a: building address achieve a walk score of 70 or higher

Part 3b: at least 4 existing and publicly available diverse uses (grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, gyms, etc) are located within an 800m 0.5 mile walking distance of building’s main entrance


Number from 0 to 100 that takes into account buildings physical output. Walkability is determined by amount of amenites within a distance from the building.

Walk score


Walk score ranking

 Closer the amenities, the higher the score
 90 to 100 - walker’s paradise - errands do not require a car
 70 to 89 - very walkable - most errands can be on foot
 50 to 69 - somewhat walkable - some errands
 25 to 49 - car dependent - most errands require car
 O to 24 - car dependent - all errands require car


business org that provides goods or serviced to meet daily needs

Diverse use


Feature 68: Physical Activity Spaces optimization for?

All 3 project types


Feature 68: Physical Activity Spaces. Part 1: Site space designation for offices requires what?

Applies when?

How big should the space be?

- Indoor complimentary access

-Applies to spaces with more than 10 reg occupants

Space must be min of 18.6sqm 200 sqft plus 0.1 sqm 1 ft per regular building occupant


Feature 68: Physical Activity Spaces. Part 2: External Exercise Space requires what?

Requires at least one external exercise space shall be located within 0.8km 0.5m walking distance to main entrance
 Eg park, playground, fitness zone etc, gym, fitness, pool


Feature 69: Active Transportation Support optimization for?

All 3 project types