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In a direct cable control system what is the relationship between airspeed and force on the steering column?

The higher the airspeed the greater the force on the steering column


What is critical in a Direct Cable Control System?

Tension of the high strength steel cables


How does an aerodynamically controlled control system work?

Using control wheels in the flight deck to move tabs and in turn the control surface


In a Hydraulic assisted control system where would you find a hydraulic actuator?

In parallel with the mechanical operation of the controls


What is follow up control used for in a Hydraulic Power Operated Control System?

It is used to close the control valve of a servo control unit which has reached its desired position.


Explain redundancy in a flight control system?

When one flight control is provided with 2 or 3 actuators performing the same movement but fed from independent hydraulic systems.


What are the advantages of a fly by wire system?

it will prevent unsafe maneuvers and easier to fly for the pilot


What is used to provide the pilot with artificial feel?

Either a Spring feel unit or in some cases with elevators and rudders it can be a hydraulic feel unit.


How is position indicating performed on an aircraft?

Either mechanically by steel cables or electrically using a position pickup unit


What are flight spoiler broken down into?

Roll Spoilers and Speed Brakes


What is the function of Roll Spoilers?

They assist in lateral control by increasing drag on the down going wing


What is the function of Speed Brakes?

Speed brakes a symmetrically extended to a maximum position of around 35 degrees


How do ground spoilers work?

They are automatically armed and will fully extend (all spoilers) when the signals from different systems determine that the aircraft is landing.