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Purpose of the collective CPT?

Sends a control position signal to the HUMS, and sends a signal to the SPI to ensure the MRH is set to min pitch on the ground.


Purpse of the trim actuators?

To assist the pilot and reduce fatigue by holding the stick at any selected trim position.


Purpose of the yaw pitch control stops?

Limit available pedal movement
Prevent the pilot overloading the control linkages
Prevent damage to the TRA during excessive control inputs


At what pressure will the two parallel actuator shear pins fail?

712-920 N


What is the minimum stress position whilst collective is in negative pitch?

1.8 degrees


When would the SPI have no display?

During flight as the information from the RIU is suppressed by the WOW switch.


When would you get a [NO POSN] display on the SPI?

When there is a fault with one or more of the CPT.


When would you get a red [FAIL] display on the SPI?

When there Is a fault with the RIU.


What is the purpose of the QRVDT?

It acts as a collective pitch anticipator, directly influencing the engines power demand.


How is rigging of the QRVDT carried out?

Using the GMT.


When does the collective parallel actuator operate?

when signal demands to the AFCS are more than 25%of their authority.