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What is gravity?

The force of attraction between all masses


What three things does gravity affect?

- It makes all objects accelerate towards the ground on the surface of the planet
- It gives everything weight
- It keeps planets, moons and satellites in their orbit


What is the orbit?

The balance between the forward motion of the object and the force of gravity pulling it inwards


What is mass?

The amount of "stuff" in an object


What is weight?

The pull of gravity on every object (towards the centre of the earth)


Will an object have the same mass and weight on the earth and moon?

It will have the same mass on the earth and moon but different weight


Why will 1.6N on the Moon weight less than it does on Earth which is 10N?

The forces of gravity pulling on the moon are less


What is weight measured in?

Newtons (N)


What is mass measured in?

Kilograms (kg)


What links weight, mass and gravity together?

The equation:

Weight = mass x gravitational field strength
W = m x g


What is the value of 'g' on earth and the moon?

Earth - 10 N/kg

Moon - 1.6 N/kg