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What is Hekhnsher?

-Mark labeled on food deeming the food kosher;
-Just be because these are on foods now days, doesn’t mean they are necessarily Kosher


What is Kashrut?

-Conveys what foods can/cannot be eaten by Jewish Law and how food should be prepared;
-Because the TORAH instructs


What is Kosher?

-Objects that are fit for Jewish ritual use, including foods


What is Pareve (par i veh)?

-Food that is neutral;
-Foods that have no rules (Not dairy or meat)
-Eggs, honey
-If eggs have a blood spot, MAY NOT be consumed!!


What is Shechitah (shuh hee ta)?

Jewish ritual slaughter of an animal


What is Shochet (sho-khet)?

Jewish person performing the slaughter


What is Treifot (Tre-fa or Try-fa)?

-70 categories of injuries, disease, and abnormalities that render and animal NON-KOSHER


Jewish law for land mammals

-Kosher only if they have both qualities of cloven hooves and chewing its cud;
-This includes flesh organs, eggs, and milk of these animals = sheep, cattle, goats, and deer can be eaten;
-NON-KOSHER = pig, camel, hare, and rock badger


Jewish law for aquatic animals

-Must have fins or scales;
-Tuna, carp, salmon, and herring
-NON-KOSHER = shellfish such as, lobster, oysters, shrimp, clams, and crabs


Jewish law for birds

Birds of prey are forbidden;
-Turkey, chicken, ducks, and geese are all acceptable.


Other Jewish forbidden animals

-The only exception is bee’s honey


What is the Jewish law of Slaughter?

-Only the shochet (show het) may perform the Shechitah (sh’ khee tuh);
-Swift, deep stroke across the throat with a perfectly sharp blade; it is the most painless and humane procedure.
-Animals that have died from natural causes, killed by other animals, or have something from TREIFOT are considered non-kosher;
-Does NOT apply to fish


What is the Jewish law for Blood?

-All the blood must be drained or boiled out of the meat before it can be consumed;
-Any remaining blood must be removed by broiling, soaking or salting the meat;
-The final step must be performed no later that 72 hours after the animal was slaughtered and before the meat is frozen or ground;
-Fish blood doesn’t count as blood;
-The liver must be broiled due to its high blood content and complex blood vessels


What is Kosher Salt?

Coarse salt with large crystals that helps draw out fluid from muscle cells but adds sodium to the meat


Why can't Jews consume blood?

-The Torah prohibits the consumption of blood because the life of the animal is contained in the blood;
-The only exception is fish blood.


What parts of the animal may Jews not consume?

-The sciatic nerve and its adjoining blood vessels
-A certain type of fat known as chelev or heleb → Fat on the inside of the body cavity, so must be carefully removed


What is Milchig (Jew)?



What is Fleishig (Jew)?



What is the Jewish law of Milk and Meat?

-Meat from birds and mammals can’t be eaten with dairy;
-Must be at least 3-6 hours between eating dairy and meat because fatty residues and meat particles cling to the mouth;
-Poultry is considered meat;
-Animal fat is considered meat;
-No butter with your meat;
-No fish with meat but fish CAN be eaten with dairy;
-Fish, eggs, fruit, and vegetables MAY be eaten with dairy


What is the Jewish law for utensils?

-Utensils that are used for cooking meat may not be used with dairy products and vice versa;
-Kosher household will have two sets of pots, pans, and dishes;
-Kosher status can be transmitted from the food to the utensil only in the presence of heat


How do you handle countertops, stoves and dish ware in a kosher kitchen?

-Stovetops and sinks come in contact with both meat and dairy rendering them non-kosher. It is therefore important to use dishpans to soak dishes and spoon rests and trivets if placing something on the stovetop;
-For dishwashers, separate racks must be used for meat dishes and dairy dishes;
-Separate towels and potholders must be used when handling meat and dairy dishes


What is the Jewish law for grape products?

-Grape products made my NON-Jews CANNOT be consumed;
-Wine and grape juice may only be consumed if made by a Jew;
-Restrictions are derived from the laws against using products of idolatry;
-Whole grapes are not a problem


What is the problem with Cream of Tartar?

-Cream of Tartar in some baking powders can be a problem;
-Some baking powders are not kosher because they contain cream of tartar, a byproduct of wine making


How are Jewish symbols found on food packaging?

•~ ¾ of all packaged food have some kind of kosher certification
-Dairy marked with a “D” or the word “dairy” next to the KASHRUT symbol but it may not be;
-Most dairy is considered acceptable for consumption without the symbol;
-Not so for meat. If the product is meat, it’s usually marked with an “M” or the word “meat”;
-Most major brands have reliable Orthodox certification;
Remember the letter “K” does NOT necessarily symbolize kosher


What is the Jewish law for fruit from trees?

-One may not eat fruit of a tree in the first THREE years from the time of it’s planting;
-Just fruit from TREES


What must be take from all crops in the Land of Israel?

-TITHES must be taken from all crops;
-Wheat, barley, or fruit is not kosher until the commandments of TITHING have been fulfilled


What is the Jewish rule os TITHING?

-a TENTH part of agricultural or other produce, personal income, or profits, contributed either voluntarily or as a tax for the support of the church or clergy or for charitable purposes


What is the Jewish law surrounding all cooked foods?

-Any cooked food made by a non-Jew must be supervised to ensure no non-kosher foods were used


What is the benefit of Mindful Eating?

-Practiced by most religions;
-Taking the time to be aware of what is being consumed;
-Meals are times of prayer
-Mindful eating has been proven to show decreased obesity, better relationships with foods, stronger appreciation, established family bonds


What is the Jewish Shabbat?

-Their equivalent of the Sabbath;
-7th day of the Jewish week;
-A day of rest;
-Observed from sundown Friday until the appearance of three stars in the sky on Saturday night;
-God creating the Heavens and the Earth in six days, and resting on and sanctifying the seventh (Genesis 1:1-2:3).