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Drawer Sign
(Anterior Drawer Sign of the Ankle)

P: Translation with the talus moving away from or toward the tibia
I: 1. With tibia pushed/foot pulled; a tear/instability of the anterior talofibular ligament
2. With tibia pulled/foot pushed; a tear/instability of the posterior talofibular ligament


Ankle Dorsiflexion Test

Patient experience difficulty dorsiflexing the foot
1. The foot cannot dorsiflex with knee extended, but it able to with knee flexed
I: Contracture of the gastrocnemius muscle
2. The foot cannot doorsflex in either knee position
I: Contracture of the soles muscle


Rigid or Supple Flat Feet Test

1. Absence of medial longitudinal arch in both positions
I: Rigid flat feet
2. Presence of medial longitudinal arch while seated with a loss of medial longitudinal arch while standing
I: Supple flat feet


Homans Sign

P: Deep pain in the calf
I: Deep vein thrombophlebitis


Thompson Test

P: Absence of foot plantar flexion motion
I: Achilles tendon rupture


Morton Test

P: Sharp pain in the forefoot
I: Metatarsalgia or neuroma (usually at the 3rd and 4th metatarsal interspace)