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what is forgiveness

the idea that after wrongs have been committed, there has to be a way forward for that relationship


what is a buddhist attitude towards forgiveness

- lack of forgiveness only hurts you
- Buddha says that anger is like "holding in to hot coal - intending to throw it at someone -but you are the one who gets burned"
- suggest that anger eats away at people so forgiveness prevents more hurt


what is a christian attitude towards forgiveness (enemies)

- we should forgive everyone who does wrong to us
- jesus said "love your enemies"
- in order to love you must forgive and therefore leave no one to be the enemy


what is a muslim attitude towards forgiveness

- forgiveness will make Allah think highly of you
- quran says " those who pardon and maintain righteousness are rewarded by God"
- tells us forgiveness is a higher quality that Allah will reward after faced with injustice


what is a christian attitude towards forgiveness (number of times)

- we should never hold on to grudges
- "forgive 70 x 7 times" - jesus
- suggests that we should always try to understand the wrong doers and theres no limit to how many time you can forgive


what is a christian attitude towards peace (pope)

- "everyone should commit themselves to peace" pope john paul III


what is a christian attitude towards peace (rule)

- christians believe that peace is a simple display of equality
- the golden rule "treat others the same way you want to be treated"
- teaching tells us to think about the negative feelings we would have if we didnt have peace, so we should spread it to others too


how do religious believers help victims of war

- joining an organisation to strengthen its work thorough contributions
- taking a job which directly helps with victims of war
- campaigning politically and encouraging others to do so
- holding vigils and praying for peace
- employing peace negotiators


what are the benefits of forgiveness

- allows the victim to let go of negative emotions and ideas
- lets them and the criminal to move on
- its a method of the victim personally dealing with the criminal, giving them what they think they deserve