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What is the scapula?

shoulder blade
The shoulder blade is not fixed connected to the spine (it is not connected via the clavicles!), it is connected with firm muscles and ligaments. Therefore the shoulder blades are very flexible, and a cat fits into the narrowest hollow.


What is the acromion

Part of the shoulder that points into the direction of the belly; an important connection point for muscles.


What is the metacromion?

points into the direction of the tail; an important connection point for muscles (cats not dogs)


What is the gleniod cavity (or fossa)?

a hollow, where the head of the humerus articulates


What is the Clavicle?

Cats not dogs- This bone is degenerated in cats and is not connected with the spine, it is embedded into a muscle.


Dog body references


What foramen is found in canine and feline humeri and pass thr. them?

dog - supratrochlear foramen:

cat - supracondylar foramen:
medial nerve


What is shelf of distal phalanx covering the root of claw?

ungual crest


What local thickening of deep fascia hold tendons in place?

retinaculum (extensor and flexor)


Where do all tricep (heads) muscles insert?



What is the indentation on the distal end of the cow humourous?

olecrolan fossa


Antebrachium muscles

Figure 17 - Fig.1.3.1. (A) = Medial view, (B) = lateral view, of left forelimb: Sb = subscapularis, Sp = supraspinatus, TM = teres major, LD = latissimus dorsi, C = coracobracialis, T = triceps (1 = long head, 3 = medial head, 4 = accessory head), TFA = tensor fasciae antebrachii, B = biceps brachii, ECR = extensor carpi radialis, DDF = deep digital flexor, FCU = flexor carpi ulnaris, PT = pronator teres, FCR = flexor carpi radialis, SDF = superficial digital flexor, FCU = flexor carpi ulnaris, I = infraspinatus, Tm = teres minor, Br = brachialis, CDE = common digital extensor, LDE = lateral digital extensor, ECU = extensor carpi ulnaris.


What are the types of carpal pads on the dog paw?

Right front paw of dog showing A) claw, B) digital pads, C) metacarpal pad, D) dew claw, E) carpal pad.