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Who is the author of Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing?​

Psychologist Bruce Tuckman


What are the 4(5) phases a team goes through according to Tuckman´s theory?

  • Forming
  • Storming
  • Norming
  • Performing
  • Adjourning (Not Tuckman)


What characterizes the forming phase in general?

  • Unclear purpose
  • Little agreement
  • Guidance and direction
  • The team act as individuals


What characterizes the forming phase from the employee's point of view?

  • You get to know each other
  • Personal conversations
  • The social fills a lot
  • Curiosity and openness
  • It's nice to be together
  • Bridges are built between each other


What characterizes the forming phase from the leaders point of view?

  • You decide and instruct
  • They expect you to show the way
  • Create room for the social
  • Create clarity about the task
  • Explain the roles
  • Keep a high level of information
  • Give them time - be patient


Can a team return to the forming phase once they have moved on to storming? ​

  • Yes, e.g. if a new member is joining the team then you go back to the forming phase. However, you'll probably move on much faster next time


Can half of a team move on to Storming while the rest is still in the forming phase?

No, if only one team member is in Forming, everyone is.


Which phase was not part of Bruce Tuckmans original method ?



How long should the forming phase last?

There is no minimum or maximum in terms of how long the phase should last.


What is "The Bank Account Of Emotions" and how does it work?

It is like a bank account between people. If you have minus the group would not work properly. So what give you plus on your “account” tell people 2-4 things that matter to you.


What can the "The Bank Account Of Emotions"​ be used for?

To ensure optimum cooperation between colleagues


How can you test a group on a scale how they feel about a subject?

Place yourselves in a horseshoe and get people to ask themselves where they think they belong.


What colors do we use to describe a person in a group?

  • Red vs. green
  • Yellow vs. blue


What is a good tactic when you are in the forming phase?

  • Start asking open positive questions like.
  • If you knew me better you would know…
  • What would make you very happy at work
  • People like me because….
  • What positive impact do you have for people…


How should the information need be in the formation phase of the leader?



When are you in the Forming phase?

When one or more of the team is new.


Why is the Forming phase important?

The social aspect (bridge building) and you get to know each other - the foundation to move on in the four (5) phases