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What characterizes the storming phase from the employee's point of view?

  • Honest and direct communication
  • Many discussions and debates
  • Various ideas compete
  • Direct recognition of the effort
  • Gradually stronger understanding of others
  • (Dis)agreement become clear
  • The potential becomes clearer


What characterizes the storming phase from the leaders point of view?

  • Be open to suggestions
  • Create very direct involvement
  • Allow conflicts
  • Recognize similarities and differences
  • Follow the rules as much as possible
  • Allow an "unrestricted room"


Which steps does the "konfliktrappe" contain?

  • Step 1 - We disagree on the matter (good conflicts)
  • Step 2 - We disagree and become personal (focus on the person instead of the case)
  • Step 3 - We disagree and leave to talk together (War)


Which 5 ways can you handle conflicts on?

  1. Competitive (High self-interest and uncooperative)
  2. Cooperative (High self-interest and high cooperative)
  3. Compromise seekers (Medium self-interest and Medium cooperative)
  4. Conflict-averse (Low self-interest and Medium uncooperative)
  5. Forthcoming (Low self-interest and High cooperative)


What characterizes good conflict management?

  • Deal with disagreements when they arise
  • Going for the ball - not the man!
  • Speaking in "I-language"
  • Be courageous - ask about the conflict


Which tools are good to handle conflicts during the storming phase?

The Hesteskoen, Løbende sedler and Turn Table


What is "Løbende sedler"?

It is great way to write down and prioritise relevant questions that the team needs to discuss during the Storming phase.

Step 1

  • Each member have to write down one question that he or she thinks is important to talk about.

Step 2

  • Everyone have to rate each question they have received with the score 1-5, where 1 signals least important - and 5 signals very important.


How do we ensure that the tools are used?

Make sure to use them again and again


What is required to enter the storming phase?

That the forming phase has been lived through and there is a clear understanding of e.g. colour profiles,competences, roles, goals etc.


What is the goal of the storming phase?

To calibrate members towards the true North


How is the storming phase perceived?

 There will be a lot of discussions, conflicts, dialogues etc. in order to calibrate towards true North


 What exercises are good in the Storming phase?

Pass the book and write something positive

  • What do you contribute with and what would I miss if you weren’t here?


What 5 themes are important when communicating in storming phase?

  • M
  • M
  • M
  • A
  • I


Can a conflict be a negotiation?

 Yes – the start of a conflict is a negotiation centered around substance


What 3 tools are good in handling conflicts?

  • Horseshoe/handraise exercise
  • Continuous notes (focusing on the most important)
  • Turn-table (360’ reflections on problem)