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What characterizes the Norming phase?

  • Agreement and consensus
  • Clear role and responsibility
  • Facilitation


What is overall signs that you are in the norming phase?

Collaboration and knowledge sharing


What is the strategies in the Norming?

  1. Recognize individual and group
  2. Provide feedback and learning opportunities
  3. Monitor the “energy” in the group


When you are in the norming phase it feels like you are in a ________.



Norming phase Goals

Goals are team Goals and team start helping each other


Why are feedback so important and why does it work best in the norming phase?

When you know your colleagues professional and private you can easily give good feedback and feedback feels like development instead of criticism.


What is the most important if you want to move from storming to norming?

Make sure that all storming questions have been discussed priorities. Maybe not everybody are agree but take a decision and then evaluate after some month.


Role in norming phase

Your role is clear, your engage in social activities, your performance track and review


Who should you recognize your colleagues?

Make sure you focus and give feedback to your colleagues behavior and why you like or don’t like some behavior – Don’t be to general or too much in the surface


How to avoid to go back in stages instead forward?

Make sure Storming questions at regular answer and discussed otherwise you will not be able to move to performing phase


How should the meeting rate be between team meeting vs. 1 to 1?

90% 1 to 1

10% team meeting