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What is the function of α-amanitin?

Poison. Interferes with RNAPII in prokaryotes by disrupting translocation of RNA-DNA complex through structure.


What is the function of actinomycin D?

Chemothrapeutic agent. Intercalates into DNA and prevents initiation of transcription.


What is the function of rifamycin?

Antibiotic. Binds to prokaryotic RNAP and inhibits bacterial transcription (probably blocks chain elongation by binding to β-subunit).


What is the function of ricin?

Glycosidase activity removes adenosine from 28S RNA, inactivating ribosome and thus inhibiting translation.


What is the function of diptheria toxin?

Inhibits activity of eEF-2, preventing ribosomal translocation on mRNA and thus translation.


What is the function of streptomycin?

- Antibiotic
- At high concentrations, it binds to and inhibits 30S subunit of bacterial ribosome
- At lower concentrations, it causes misreading of mRNA


What is the function of tetracycline?

- Antibiotic
- Inhibits binding of aminoacyl-tRNA to bacterial 30S subunits.


What is the function of oxazolidines?

- Antibiotic
- Inhibits formation of Met-tRNAi-30S initiation complex


What is the function of chloramphenicol?

- Antibiotic
- Inhibits peptidyl transferase activity of 50S subunit


What is the function of erythromyocin?

- Antibiotic
- Binds to 50S subunit at the exit tunnel of free tRNA molecules and prevents them from being released. This blocks the progression of ribosome complex.