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Beliefs about death and afterlife

  • “I am the resurrection and the life. THe one who believes in me will live, even though they die” (John 11:17-21)
  • “There is a resurrection from the dead, as spiritual bodies”
    John 11:25-26
  • Humans have a soul, the spiritual part of being
  • There is eternal life after death, received through faith
  • There is a heaven, entry to which is dependent on belief in Jesus and treatment of others
  • There will be a judgement which will determine a soul’s future
  • There is a hell - the opposite of heaven - a place of separation from God


  • To remember a person’s life + achievements
  • Give people a chance to grieve + help those left behind to understand they have died
  • Mark transition into afterlife
  • Celebrate that they will be resurrected
  • To mark the end of a person’s physical existence
  • Pray for the person’s soul
  • Come together as a community to support each other


  • Prayers are said for the dying person and they can ask God for forgiveness
    →Shows importance of establishing a relatinoship with God through asking for forgiveness
  • Roman Catholics have the Last Rites in whcih the priest gives Holy Communion
    →Catholic - Jesus is present in the wine transubstantiation
    →Jesus himself is there - symbolises his sacrifice
    →Importance of the sacraments + belief in forgiveness of sins through Christ
  • In the funeral service the words “I am the resurrection and the life” are said
    →His words
    →Belief in eternal life, the importance of Jesus’ teachings
    →Those who believe can spend eternity with God
  • Candles may be lit for a funeral in church
    →Jesus’ prescence symbolised - he is the light “the light of the world:
    →Guides a passage to heaven
  • Some Christians (Catholic) consider it important to be buried rather than cremated
    →Demonstrates belief in physical resurrection @ Judgement Day - they need their bodies to physically resurrect
    →Bones of the dead will reform at final judgement

6 Marker - explain how a funeral shows Christian beliefs about life after death

  • Funeral service, the words… are said
    →This shows the Chrsitian belief that those who believe in Jesus and follow his teachings will be resurrected and spend eternity with God
  • Candles
    →This reflects the belief that Jesus is the ‘light of the world’, guiding the person’s passage to heaven
  • Buried over cremated - Catholic
    →This demonstrates some Christian’s belief that they will be physically resurrected on the Day of Judgement