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One impact of Buddhism to consider concerns

climate change and their beliefs about the environment.


Buddhists have not been as guilty to

damaging the environment like Christians


With Christianity, there is a traditional belief that

the world was given to people to conquer


. Christians had a theology that justified

their use and abuse of the planet in the interest of productivity and advancement (modernisation).


Buddhism does not have a belief that

encourages respect for the planet, but also does not have one that justifies blatant abuse


Also, Jews and Christians have been predominant in benefits from the

the Industrial revolution


These societies have been most damaging to the environment through

mass production and its machinery, factories, open mining and deforestation


Buddhists have populations in

very different types of societies (mainly Asia) which have been much slower in taking on industrialisation.


so, in a sense, what is of no real connection to traditional Buddhism?

the external world (and the environment)


why no connection?

they believe it is immaterial in reaching enlightenment


what is an area where Buddhists can influence the future of their belief system and major world event?

As there is no real attempt to correct past abuses (as among contemporary Christians)


Buddhism is a major force in many countries that are

struggling with oppressive governments (Myanmar, China) and social inequality, in addition to being under effect of climate change


There are clearly forms of Buddhism that have proven they can

reshape the Buddha’s essential message in order to be relevant to current issues, while other forms seem to belong in the past


what will determine whether Buddhism remains as a relevant social force in near future?

the issues of inequality, climate change and oppresive governments

whether they will respond as they claim to be for the betterment of the human community