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1960s-70s apartment construction?

Wood frame with veneer walls and concrete stairwells.


1980s-present apartment construction?

Lightweight wood frame construction with wood stairwells


Flat roofs have beams that run?

Front to back with no parapets.


Floors joist in garden apartments are spaced how far apart?



What construction period were casement windows prevalent in?



1940s-50s apartment construction type?

Ordinary construction with masonry wall.


What floor is usually laid out differently from the rest in a garden apartment building?

Terrace level


What is the typical max height and stories for a garden apartment of ordinary construction?

4 floors/ 50' high on addressed side of building


What are some ways to identify the addition of a new lightweight pitched roof over a pre-existing flat roof?

-Pre-existing knowledge
-Difference in siding at the gable ends of the building
-Building with a pitched roof that has cockloft vents


What is the normal floor joist spacing for ordinary construction garden apartments?

16inches on center


In the late 70s and early 80s plywood used in roof construction was treated with a chemical to make it fire resistive (FRT--Fire Retardant Treated Plywood). Where in roofs was this typically located and why is it an issue?

-Located near the firewall outward for a distance of 2-4'
-The treatment degrades the wood and flue used to hold the plywood together making it unstable and prone to early failure


What are the two types of firewalls in garden apartments?

Gypsum board or masonry


What style roof has load bearing walls on all sides?

Hip roof


If smoke is issuing from the band board area of an exterior wall what may it indicate?

Fire has breached the truss floor space


When did builders begin to eliminate basements from garden apartments?



What is the fire flow rate for garden apartments?

10gpm per 100sqft


What three areas in a garden apartment are the primary areas of concern regarding fire travel?

Attic, cockloft and void spaces


What are the greatest factors that will drive the tactical deision-making process?

location and extent of the fire


What is the only tactic that should delay locating the fire?

Obvious critical rescue


How many companies typically operate in one apartment?

2 companies, engine and truck/rescue


Where should ladders for rescue and egress should initially be placed?

Front and rear at the fire floor and every floor level above


If fire is showing from the bedroom windows where should the crews ladder first?

Balcony, if no balcony the largest window not showing fire


If fire is showing from balcony window where should crews ladder first?

Bedroom windows


What location does the second engine check when moving into the building (GA fire)?

floor below the location of the 1st engine


If the third due engine on a garden apartment can't position in the rear where should they position?

End of the row closest to the involved unit


If the second due truck on a garden apartment fire can't position in the rear where should they position?

Side A in front of the uncovered exposure


When considering entering through the balcony/terrace door in place of the front door of a garden apartment what should be considered?

-Fire should typically be in the rear bedroom
-Fire should typically be on the 1st or 2nd floor apartment
-Apartment should be accessible via no more than a 24' ladder
-Apartment door to common hallway must be closed
-Apartment has a safe balcony or terrace entrance


The balcony/ terrace door alternative should not be used if what conditions are present?

-Smoke, heat or fire has already compromised the stairwell
-Balcony is crowded with furniture, bikes or other items


In below grade fires in garden apartments what must on scene crews evaluate?

-Is the stairwell already endangered upon arrival?
-Can a line be quickly placed into service from the rear?
-Will a rear-based attack have any negative effects on firefighters, civilians or the building?


Are terrace level apartments required to have a means of egress leading to the exterior?



If the entire basement is below grade can there be apartments in the basement?

No, just utility and storage rooms


In what construction type will deploying a cellar nozzle for a basement fire be avoided?

light-weight frame construction


In platform construction if the roof burns away what happens to the top floor walls?

They will be weakened as the roof as structural support to them


An attic fire under a gable roof has a high collapse risk?

No typically the roof will just burn away


How deep is the typical garden apartment?



On a garden apartment fire where should the first truck position?

Side of the building where fire is showing, or if nothing evident side alpha.


Where should the second due truck position on a garden apartment fire?

Opposite the first truck if possible


High priority areas to vent in a garden apartment fire?

Fire apartment and apartment above


Ideally ventilation will occur from?

The outside


After ventilating the fire apartment and apartment above what is the next ventilation priority?

Enclosed stairwell


What are your options to ventilate an enclosed stairwell

-Rooftop ventilation over the stairwell
-Opening small windows in the stairwell
-Through a top floor apartment after it has been cleared of occupants
-Through a top floor apartment assisted by PPV


What is the most effective way of ventilating an enclosed stairwell?

Cutting a hole in the roof over the stairwell and punching out the ceiling below


When using vertical ventilation on a pitched roof for clearing smoke from an enclosed stairwell where should the hole be cut?

Directly over the stairwell and not at the top of the gable


When using vertical ventilation on a slate roof for clearing smoke from an enclosed stairwell where should the hole be cut?

Hole may be offset from directly above the stairwell so that dangerous falling slate will not impact FFs or occupants near the entrance below


How far from the edge of the roof or eave should a hole be cut to ventilate the enclosed stairwell?



How do you ventilate the "knee wall" if they are present in a garden apartment?

Opening the area next to the dormer window


Garden apartments built during the 60s and 70s have windowsills at what height from the floor?



What are the two exceptions to laddering bedroom windows?

If fire is showing from the window or if the ladder would be exposed to flame impingement from below


Where would you breach an overhead door to obtain access to the manual release?

Center- 3/4s way up from the bottom


When using a master stream on a garden apartment fire how do you work the stream when the fire is advancing vertically?

From the top down to the seat of the fire