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How long is the BLS internship expected to take?

90-120 days


How many phases is the BLS internship and what are they?

Phase 1: Medic Ops Orientation
Phase 2: Engine EMS Ops
Phase 3: 1 & 1 Medic Driver


How many hot wash sessions are incorporated into the BLS internship?

3, an ALS officer or EMS Supervisor must attend each one


What phase of the BLS Internship will require coordination with the FRA EVOC coordinator?

Phase Three


Each phase of the internship contains what skill sheets?

Mentoring skill sheets


What are the core ALS assist skill training objectives to be completed during Phase II?

-Monitor Ops and 12 lead
-IV and IO Set up
-Advanced Airways
-CPAP Set-Up
-Medication Admin Cross Check


Can a Hot Wash be conducted with a fill-in ALS Officer or Supervisor or must it wait until the interns's ALS Officer or EMS Supervisor is present?

A fill-in can conduct it and should to keep the intern on schedule


The Field Internship Patient Contact Log should contain?

All pt's the intern has direct pt care contact with, and skills performed. Logging 2 pts per shift will result in about 60 pt contacts by the end of the program


How long does Phase 1 of the BLS Internship Last and what does it entail?

-3 24 hours shifts
-focused on familiarity with pt transport and hospital transfer of care
-Ride as third on a medic unit


What does Phase II of the BLS internship entail?

-6 KSA sign off modules to be completed while intern is riding the right bucket of the engine company
-Focuses on equipment familiarity, ALS assist skills and hands-on pt care
-Expected to lead BLS care and assist with ALS care and go to the hospital with engine medic and/or driver on all level 1 & 2 transports


What does Phase III of the BLS internship entail?

-Driver training
-On final day candidate drives to emergency calls


What point does the BLS intern begin doing hands on pt care?

Day two of Phase 1


When doing ALS Assist Skill Sign-Off's how any personnel are required?

At least two personnel in addition to the candidate