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Great! In that case, my recommendation: let's do an online demo next week and you form your own opinion about the drawbacks and benefits of membership with us and get a clear understanding, what opportunities you will get as a member to grow your customer base/minimise risk. So, you will get a good baseline on which to decide.


Appointment time setting

What day is ... for you? Do you prefer the morning or the afternoon?


Permission to ask questions

Now, before I go into it, I want to ask you a few questions in relation to what kind of issues your business is currently facing and how we might best be able to assist you in that. The last thing I want is for you to enter into a program that is not a good fit for you. Is it ok to ask you 2/3 questions?


Pitch Chamber (long - advocacy)

The Business Chamber is the state's largest small to medium sized employer support organisation. Now, many business owners have told us they find it very hard to compete with large corporates, the whole ecosystem of their supply chain, and their "trusted suppliers". So, we try to so-to-speak level the playing field to make it easier for smaller businesses to compete. We believe SMB's are the backbone of the Australian economy, employ the largest number of employees and are often not appreciated and adequately supported in the vital role they play in growing vibrant communities. For this we provide a whole range of services, tools, and help points for businesses.



Good morning John! My name is Sarah Kono with NSW Business Chamber. How are you? [Good. How are you?] Great to hear! Good, good, thanks! (John, can I get straight to the point?) [yes]


Pre-emption existing supplier

John, can I get straight to the point? [Yes, please.] Am I correct in the assumption, that you already have a provider for employment advice/an HR consultant/etc.? [Yes, of course.]


Pre-emption existing supplier - yes

1 Great, then you already have experience and know what's important! In which areas would you wish for further improvements? 2 Well, that's precisely the reason for my call: Especially businesses like yours use us as a complement to their existing partner pertaining to special topics like x or y. What particular challenges are currently on your agenda with regards to x or y? 3 Well, then, you are probably asking yourself what the reason for my call is, after I have already known that, right?


Pre-emption existing supplier - no

Well, that's the reason for my call today...


To confront when you continue to interact, but it's going nowhere

I have a personal question, John, is that ok? [...] You know, you are always very friendly with me, at the same time, I'm getting the impression, that you are not really interested in taking the next step together. Please be very open with me, it's totally fine: just let me know, once you are really not interested!


Opener referral contact

Your friend/customer/supplier Joe Citizen has been using us for x years to get more exposure for his business and more easily acquire new customers by tapping into our 20,000 business members strong SMB database and making direct B2B connections through our networking events. Joe Citizen is of the opinion this increased his client base by x % since we have started working together. That's why he asked me to reach out to you. What do you think if we get to know each other in person in the next week over a cup of coffee?


Services we are offering in short

We heBesides lobbying government on behalf of businesses, other 2 core functions are assisting SMB's with simple, reliable, low cost business solutions in the area of: -B2B connections thru our 20000 member strong database -through the state's most popular networking events -in the area of business planning -marketing advice -employee MGT -legal advice, and many more.


Pitch Chamber (short) 2

The NSW Business Chamber is the state's peak employer organisation. OR The NSW Business Chamber is the state's largest business support organisation.


Steli - killer question 1

How did you hear about us? (inbound) Why did you pick up the phone? Why didn’t you hang up on me already?


Schedule your next interaction as part of closing the meeting.

“With everything going on, I’d like to make sure this stays on my radar. Let’s plan on reconnecting next Thursday at 1pm. Does that work on your calendar?”


Objection to scheduling your next meeting: “I don’t want to put something on the calendar...why don’t you just follow up towards the end next week?”

“I understand you don’t want to put a meeting on your calendar. I will plan on putting a meeting on my calendar for next Thursday at 1pm so I don’t drop the ball on this. I’ll plan on calling you at that time and hope to catch you.”