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3 reasons you are right for this role

My Enthusiasm - My connection with xxxxx and the reason why I feel connected is

My History - My sales success growth from within a company and also taking an idea from 0 to over million dollars in sales a year

Trust - would you buy xxxxx from me ?


2 weakness

Self Relint - Being too self reliant and expecting others to be. Over the years with working and training people, I sometimes have to take a step back to allow them to find the answers. Running a business I always had to find things fast and quickly or risk loosing a lot. I definitely have to keep aware to help people find their own strength and abilities in working things out, mildly guiding them.

Hyper focused -I can get very mono focused and find myself caught in making something perfect. Sometimes things are better started and completed than trying to perfect.

For example trying to figure out CRM. Can too caught up in some of finer details of pipeline than actually getting onto executing the next steps to get real results.

Or trying to figure out the perfect copy for an email campaign, spending to much time on the copy and delaying getting out for results.


2 strengths

Self reliant. Driven to always find a way.

For example setting up both my first company and second company. Had to find out how to build a business and make it grow. It gave me the resources how to figure things out no matter how big or small. There was a time early on in my first business when I had my first cash flow problem. I had to work out a way to get the money in to cover us so
We could keep a float

Building strong long term relationships.

Like the sales quote, If you make a sale you earn a commission, make a friend you’ll earn a fortune. My business was built and than grew on many 20 plus year relationships.

Relationships - end as they start. By putting in the special attention in the beginning with Abercrombie team, the design directors stayed loyal through their career and worked with me as they went up in their career and following them to many of their roles


2 successes

Succeding recessions - Made it through 2 recessions. 2001, really naive but was able to understand the market and follow through on watching the right figures while increasing customer base.

2008 was able to not only keep all employees but actually increase the salaries. We built an in house design collection that added 30 % to the bottom line. We added new CRM and pipelines creating great increase on client value, created email campaigns to build new customer acquisitions. When times are tough, it helps streamlining for growth and bigger returns.


2 failures and turn around

Inventory Loss - Loosing 30 000 worth of inventory.

I was able to negotiate a deal on the loss with vendor and also the cash to cover it. It taught me to follow up and keep checks and balances on the important risks.

Hiring Mistake - Not hiring the the admin assistant.

I allowed fear to get in the way of a clearly great employee due to having to create what I thought was too many work arounds. There’s always a way to find ways to accommodate both interests.


What are my 4 C's goal