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How much discovery is in sales



Position more and

Compete less


Value proposition

Selling on the value of your product


You make a sale you make a commission you make a friend you

Make a fortune


Rio sales people sit in front of

Real decision makers


What’s important about questions

Ask quality questions that make the customer think about the product. Have 25 questions ready to go.

what do you look for

what have you found

what has been your experience

how do you determine

what do you like about


We are satisfied with our current supplier

Our clients are ecstatic and getting the incredible value from our working relationship, wouldn’t you prefer to be ecstatic making more money than satisfied?


Why remove risk

Risk is one of the main reasons a lead won’t move forward. A lot comes down to trust. Know the risks and have 10 turn arounds


Sale gurús

Mike Weinberg- new sales simplified understanding what sales styles are and who I am

Victor Antonio how to think diffenrlty

Marc wayshack email campaigns

jeffrey gitmore little red removing risk

Sales gravy Jeb Blout using improv to improve


dont just sell

Create and area to buy. Build value


How many choices should you show

Don’t show drastic different choices. Brain can’t connect the dots but a lesser or simpler option


Always clear ?



Say what before goodbye

Say why before goodbye


A confused mind says



What do you call attention to

The one most important piece that the other needs to know


What are the 3 types of lead genration types

1. Seeds, or leads that come from word-of-mouth marketing- They usually come from customer recommendations and take a lot of time to cultivate. But once they get going, they end up becoming your best customers. However, you need to very patient as they take a lot of effort and time to grow.

2. Nets, or leads that come from inbound marketing- These are marketing programs that help you to attract leads- like SEO, social media, blogging, webinars, advertising, etc.

3. Spears, or leads that your sales reps bring in through lists and outbound prospecting. – These leads are the opposite of Nets—they are targeted outbound efforts. They are tiny in number and can help you get predictable results


You only get results from ?

You only get results that you set goals for


Salesman is a hero
Sales manager is a?

Salesman is a hero
Sales manager is hero maker


What are the 6 types of sales people

Account manager,
account servicing


How to stop objections?

How to stop objections?


What is in sales task

Customer segmentation

Upsell/Cross sell opportunities

Re/Order potential

SVP Sales Value Proposition

KPI Re Order Averge amount, Re order Frequency, LTV

What are the daily activity goals for out bound calls and emails outreach


Increase these 3

Increase conversion rate

Increase sales size

Opportunities prospects in pipeline


Disqualify ?



What do customers really want ?

Value value value and value in their life with the product


Who should you always be trying to connect with



People psychologically buy based on

Multiple small commitments and consent


Sales training creates the what of sales truth

Sales training creates the philosophy of sales


Sales isn’t grounded and selling, sales is about the habit of

Buying. Understand how someone buys.


What question asked in the beginning of a sales call scientifically increases the chances of getting yes

Asking how are you, people respond better when they say they are happy



The brain using influence to make automatic fast decisions


Forget crunching the numbers, work on getting the ————— right



Ways to study the competition to create a stronger sales strategy

Competition -What the playing field looks like now

Who are the competitors in this business?
Who has what share in the global market?
Where do we fit in?
What are the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor? How good are their products?
How performance driven is their culture?
Who are this business‟s main customers and how do they buy?

Competition: What the competition has been Up to?

What has each competitor done last year to change the playing field? Has anybody introduced any “Killer” products, technology, or logistics? Are there any new entrants? What are they up to?

Competition: What have you been up to?

What have you done last year to change the playing field?
Have you brought out a new product, technology or sales program?
Competition: What Is around the corner?

What scares you most in the year ahead?
What could your competitor do to nail you?
What new “Killer” products or technologies could your competitors launch?

Competition: What Is your winning way?

What can you do to change the playing field?
What can you do to make customers stick to you more than ever before and more than to anyone else?


8 Questions You Can Ask to Uncover Your Prospect’s Pain Points

  • What takes up the most time in your day?
  • Why isn’t your current solution and/or process working for you?
  • What is the biggest challenge you’re currently facing?
  • You mentioned frustration around X. Can you elaborate?
  • What is preventing you from hitting your goals? 
  • What’s the main thing you would say is holding your business back from growth?
  • If you had an unlimited budget, what is the first improvement you would make?
  • What is one thing you would change about the current operations of your business and/or team?


Four types of pain pionts

Productivity Pain Points

Financial Pain Points

Process Pain Points

Support Pain Points



3 c’s for cold email

Compliemtry Case study Call to action Alex berman cold call lead generation