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Name challenges of Urbanisation?

- Lack of Space
- Global Warming
- Waste
- Housing
- Education


What is a Megacity?

A city that contains 10 million+ people living there


Name 4 Push Factors?

- Desertification (En)
- Climate (En)
- Poorly Paid Farmers (E)
- Malnutrition and Famine (S)


Name 4 Pull Factors?

- Well Paid Job (E)
- Better standard of living (S)
- Education (S)
- Public Transport (En)


What are the Three Type of Megacities?

- Slow Growing
- Growing
- Rapid Growing


What are Slow Growing Megacities?
Give Examples, Features and Locations

Examples - Tokyo
Features - Population 70%+ Urban, No Shanty towns
Locations - Asia, Europe ETC


What are Growing Megacities?
Give Examples, Features and Locations

Examples - Rio de Janeiro
Features - Population 40-50% Urban, under 20% Shanty towns
Locations - South Africa, South East Asia


What are Rapid Growing Megacities?
Give Examples, Features and Locations

Examples - Mumbai
Features - Population under 50% Urban, 20% Shanty towns
Locations - Africa, South East Asia


What is Regional Importance of Rio de Janeiro?

- Schools and universities as well as employment
- Major transport hubs
- Thriving in arts and culture


What is National Importance of Rio de Janeiro?

- Major entertainment and media is in Rio
- Port is important for coffee exports
- Universities and Resources institutions are in Rio


What is International Importance of Rio de Janeiro?

- Hosted 2016 Olympics and Paralympics
- Christ the Redeemer Statue
- Rio is famous for its beaches and festivals


Name issues and solutions with Health in Rio

Issue: Healthcare is poor Infant Mortality Rate at 14
Solution: Health kits into houses


Name issues and solutions with Education in Rio

Issue: 1/2 People 14+ Dropped out School for Drugs
Solution: Local Teacher Volunteers


Name issues and solutions with Housing in Rio

Issue: Houses built in unsafe places with bad materials
Solution: Houses built as solid structures


Name issues and solutions with Energy in Rio

Issue: Frequent Blackouts with growing population
Solution: 60km Power lines and new Generators


Name issues and solutions with Crime in Rio

Issue: Large numbers of gangs in Favelas
Solution: More police forces


Name issues and solutions with Traffic and Pollution in Rio

Issue: Car fumes make pollution and Water sewage
Solution: 12 New sewage works and Metro increased


Name issues and solutions with Water in Rio

Issue: 37% of water lost in leaky pipes and more droughts
Solution: Quantity and Quality of water improved with 300k of pipes installed


Economic Challenges in Favelas are?

- Unemployment is high
- Damage to buildings cannot be paid


Water and Sanitation Challenges in Favelas are?

- 12% of population don't have water
- 37% of Water lost through Leaky pipes


Education Challenges in Favelas are?

- Shortage of nearby schools
- Poor Training for Teachers


Health Challenges in Favelas are?

- Waste isn't disposed of
- Population densities of 37000 per Km²


Crime and Safety Challenge in Favelas are?

- Drug Gangs dominate Favelas
- High Murder rate of 20 per 1000 people


What are issues in Hulme?

- Parents with small Children are Stressed
- No lifts only Stairs
- 3x More likely for stress
- 30x more likely for murder and mugging


Name urban sustainability in Freiburg?

- Green Spaces
- Recycled Water
- Using Brownfield sites
- Conserving cultural buildings and sites


Name social planning in Freiburg?

- Free football season tickets to investors
- Invest in renewable energy
- Financial rewards to those who compost green waste


Name economic planning in Freiburg?

- More Employed People in Solar
- Many solar institutions have HQs in Freiburg
- 100,000 People employed in Freiburg


Name environmental planning in Freiburg?

- 350 community recycling points
- 88% packed waste recycled
- More than 1 million corks recycled per year


Name different natural Hazards?

- Volcanoes
- Earthquakes
- Storms and tsunamis
- Landslide
- Floods


What increases risk from Natural Hazards?

- Urbanisation
- Poverty
- Farming
- Climate Change


What are the different plate margins?

- Constructive (Move apart)
- Destructive (Oceanic and Continental Crust collide)
- Collision (Continental Crust collide)
- Conservative (Plates rub against each other)


How do you measure earthquakes?

Richter Scale


What would be worse and why?
Nepal (7.9)
Chile (8.8)

Nepal because et country is less developed than Chile and has more people in a given location in comparison to Chile which has a higher GDP and Human Development Index than Nepal


What are the 7 major Plates on Earth?

- African Plate
- Eurasian Plate
- Antarctic Plate
- Indo-australian Plate
- North American Plate
- Pacific Plate
- South American Plate