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Superficial Gluteal Muscles

1) gluteus Maximus m. L5, S1, S2
2) gluteus medius m. L5, S1
3) gluteus minimus m. L5, S1


Deep gluteal muscles

1) piriformis m. S1, S2
3) superior gemellus m. L5, S1
4) obturator internus m. L5, S1
5) inferior gemellus m. L5, S1
6) obturator externus m. L5, S1
7) quadratus femoris m. L5, S1


What happens to the gluteus Maximus (L5, S1, S2) when the thigh is flexed?

It moves superiorly, revealing the ischium tuberosities.


True or False: paralysis of the gluteus Maximus will affect walking on a slope.

True: the gluteus Maximus is used for climbing, it would have no effect walking on level ground.


The bursae surrounding the gluteus Maximus

1) trochanteric bursa
2) ischial bursa
3) gluteofemoral bursa


The largest burse adjacent to the gluteus Maximus m.

The trochanteric bursa, it is located between the gluteus Maximus and greater trochanter


Gluteus Maximus test:

1) person is in prone position with straight lower limb
2) tighten buttock and extend hip joint
3) see and palp
4) tests the integrity of the inferior gluteal n. (L5, S1, S2)


Superior part of the ________ is palpated inferior to the iliac crest.

Gluteus medius m. L5, S1


The ______ is deep to the gluteus medius m.

Gluteus minimus m. L5, S1


Gluteus medius m. and Gluteus minimus m. test:

1) position patient on their side, with test limb on top
2) flex lower limb at hip and knee for stability
3) ABD thigh without flexion or rotation against resistance
4) palp gluteus medius inferior to iliac crest
5) tests the integrity of the Superior Gluteal n. (L5, S1)


This muscle shares a common insertion with the anterior part of the Gluteus Maximus m.

Tensor Fascia Lata m. (L5, S1)


Tensor Fascia Lata m. (_____) acts with ______ and _______ mm. to produce flexion.

(L5, S1)
Iliopsoas m. (L1, L2, L3)
Rectus Femoris m. (L2, L3, L4)


Piriformis m. gets it name due to its:

Pear-like shape


True or False: the sciatic n. emerges through the piriformis m.

False: the Sciatic n. emerges inferior to the piriformis m.


This muscle is known as the landmark of the gluteal region.

Piriformis m. (S1, S2)


"Landmark of the Gluteal Region" means:

1) superior gluteal nn., aa., vv., emerge superior to it
2) inferior gluteal nn., aa., vv., emerge inferior to it


This m. is the extrapelvic reinforcement of the obturator internus.

Superior Gemellus m. (L5, S1)


The Triceps Coxae is formed by:

1) Superior Gemellus m. (L5, S1)
2) Obturator Internus m. (L5, S1)
3) Inferior Gemellus m. (L5, S1)


This muscle leaves the pelvis via the greater sciatic foramen.

Piriformis m. (S1, S2)


This m. leaves the pelvis via the lesser sciatic foramen.

Obturator Internus m. (L5, S1)


This muscle is inferior to the inferior Gemellus m.

Quadratus Femoris m. (L5, S1)


What is the trochanteric anastomosis?

The communication between the superior gluteal a., the inferior gluteal a., and the medial femoral circumflex aa.


What is the cruciate anastomosis?

Communication between the internal iliac a. and the femoral a. via the profunda Femoris a.
It involves the inferior gluteal a., medial femoral circumflex a., ascending and transverse branches of the lateral femoral circumflex a., and the 1st perforation a. of the profunda Femoris a.


Mm. Involved with the lateral rotation of an extended thigh

1) piriformis m. (S1, S2)
2) superior Gemellus m. (L5, S1)
3) obturator internus m. (L5, S1)
4) inferior Gemellus m. (L5, S1)


These gluteal muscles originate from the ischial tuberosity.

1) inferior Gemellus m. (L5, S1)
2) quadratus Femoris m. (L5, S1) (lateral border)


True or False: The quadratus Femoris m. and the inferior Gemellus m. are both innervated by the Nerve to Obturator Internus.

False: they are both innervated by the Nerve to the quadratus Femoris (L5, S1)


True or False: both the inferior Gemellus and quadratus Femoris mm. laterally rotate the extended thigh.

False: the quadratus Femoris does not specify lateral rotation for an extended thigh.


Name the muscles that insert on the greater trochanter or the trochanteric fossa.

1) gluteus medius (L5, S1) - lateral border of the greater trochanter
2) gluteus minimus (L5, S1) - anterior border of the greater trochanter
3) piriformis (S1, S2) - superior border of the greater trochanter
4) obturator internus (L5, S1) - trochanteric fossa
5) superior Gemellus (L5, S1) - t. of obturator internus
6) inferior Gemellus (L5, S1) - t. of obturator internus


Which nerves supply gluteal muscles with the nerve roots of exactly L5, S1?

1) superior gluteal n.
2) nerve to obturator internus
3) nerve to quadratus Femoris


Which muscles are supplied by the superior gluteal n.?

1) gluteus Medius (L5, S1)
2) gluteus Minimus (L5, S1)
3) tensor fascia Lata (L5, S1)