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The tibia and fibula are held together by which three structures?

1) superior tibiofibular joint
2) inferior tibiofibular joint
3) interosseous membrane


Which ligaments connect the fibular head to the lateral tibial condyle?

1) anterior l. of fibular head
2) posterior l. of fibular head


Describe the 4 tibiofibular ligaments.

1) interosseous tibiofibular l. - continuous superiorly with the interosseous membrane
2) anterior tibiofibular l. - strengthens joint anteriorly
3) posterior tibiofibular l. - strengthens joint posteriorly
4) inferior transverse tibiofibular l. - connects malleoli


The crural fascia form the anterior and posterior intermuscular septa. It divides the leg into three compartments along with this structure.

Interosseous membrane


True or false: Just like the thigh, the leg is divided into 3 compartments; the anterior, posterior, and medial compartments.

False: the leg has a lateral compartment, not a medial one.


Describe the 5 retinaculum of the leg, and their relation to the ankle joint.

1) superior extensor retinaculum - anterior,