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Overall Structure

-Future Somayeh reflecting on past to address prompt (drawing materials and backpack)
-Drawing #3 - House (Somayeh, hiding and drawing family)
-Drawing #4 - Money (Azam, value of self/family, adult arguments)
-Drawing #1 - Baby (Razieh, dangers of world, Somayeh losing hope)
-Drawing #2 - Untitled (Somayeh, colours and repetition of addressing prompt)
-Drawing #1024 - Family (Somayeh, future, tie up prompt)


External Good Ending

-becomes an artist
-at her gallery exhibition opening night
-painting of her family


Internal Good Ending

-art teacher
-moved out of home
-teaching class to drawing families
-colours herself a certain colour


Bad Ending

-still lives at home 20 years later
-still drawing her family