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What is the proper way to extinguish an induction system fire that occurs when starting a reciprocating enging?

Keep the engine running (continue starting) and blow the fire out. If this does not work, use a CO2 fire extinguisher directed into the carburetor air inlet.


How does one check for hydraulic lock?

Pull the propellor through three or four times in the direction of rotation.


What damage can result from hydraulic lock?

Bent or broken connecting rods.


What information must be near oil fillers?

Oil type or reference to proper service manual.


Why is it important that turbine fuel not be mixed with aviation gasoline that is used in an aircraft reciprocating engine?

The turbine fuel will cause the engine to detonate severely, resulting in engine damage or failure.


Can AVGAS be used in a turbine engine?

Yes, for limited operations. Continued use could cause a loss in efficiency and damage.


What damage is likely to occur if an aircraft reciprocating engine designed to use grade 100 fuel is operated with grade 80 fuel?

Overheating and detonation, damage including; bent connecting rods, burned pistons, and cracked cylinder heads.


What are the physical and safety requirements needed for starting a power plant?

Checklist present, aircraft orientated into the wind, check blast are and intake area, secure GPU, and post a fire guard.


What hand prop procedures should be followed?

Fuel switch on, magneto switch off, throttle closed, brakes on, contact.


What kind of knot is used for securing an airplane with a rope?



What brakes are used during towing?

The tow vehicles.


Why should a mechanic know standard light signals?

For taxiing aircraft around active runways.


Where are hand signals published?

Airman's Information Manual (AIM), or ASA-AMT-G, General textbook, page 629.


When fueling aircraft, what precautions should be taken?

Be sure to use the correct grade of fuel, ground the aircraft and fuel service vehicle, and protect the aircraft from damage from fuel hose and nozzle.


When is pre-oiling of an engine needed?

New engines or preserved engines.


What is a hot start?

On gas turbine engines, a start occurring with normal engine rotation, but EGT exceeds limits. Usually caused by an excessively rich mixture in the combustor. Fuel to the engine must be terminated immediately to prevent engine damage.


Is automotive gas legal for use in aircraft engines?

Yes, only with STC (Supplemental Type Certificate).


What are some indicators of water in fuel?

Hazy fuel, or visible slugs of water settled on the bottom of a fuel sample. Also, chemical additives can detect hidden water.


What are some ground operation hazards?

FOD, other aircraft, people or obstacles, fire on startup, noise levels, propellors and rotor hydraulic lock, and limited visibility.


What does the 100 in 100LL (low lead) AVGAS mean?

The fuels octane rating.


When starting an aircraft engine that is equipped with a float type carburetor, in what position should the carburetor heat control be placed?

In the "Cold" position.


How far ahead of an idling turbojet engine does the danger area extend?

25 feet.


What grade of aviation gasoline is dyed blue?

Low-lead Grade-100 (100LL).


What is meant by detonation in an aircraft reciprocating engine?

Detonation is an uncontrolled burning of the fuel in the cylinder of an engine. It is an explosion, rather than a smooth burning.


What is the danger of using a fuel that vaporizes too readily?

Vapor lock can occur in the fuel lines, shutting off the flow of fuel to the engine.


What type of fuel is Jet-A?

A fuel with a heavy kerosene base, a flash point of 110-150F, a freezing point of -40F, and a heat energy content of 18,600Btu/lb.


What is the significance of the two numbers, 100/130, in the dual rating of aviation gasoline?

The first number is the octane rating or performance number of the fuel when operating with a lean mixture, and the last number is the octane rating or performance number when operating with a rich mixture.


What are two functions of tetraethyl lead that is added to aviation gasoline?

It increases the critical pressure and temperature of the fuel, and it acts as a lubricant for the valves.


What information must be located near the fuel tank filler opening in an aircraft powered by a reciprocating engine?

The word "Avgas," and the minimum fuel grade.


What information must be located near the fuel tank filler opening in an aircraft powered by a turbine engine?

The words "Jet Fuel," the permissible fuel designations, or references to the Airplane Flight Manual (AFM) for permissible fuel designations. For pressure fueling systems, the maximum permissible fueling supply pressure and the maximum permissible defueling pressure.