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What is the primary purpose for computing weight and balance?



What are the results of an excessive forward center of gravity?

Instability and difficulty flying.


How do you compensate for equipment installed in or out of the CG range?

Install ballast.


What is the datum?

Station zero, or the point from which all horizontal measurements are taken. Designated by the aircraft manufacturer.


What is meant by tare weight?

Any weight added to the scales to stabilize aircraft, but not part of the aircraft weight. Such as the weight of the chocks and other items that are used to hold the aircraft on the scales.


What is necessary when the weight and balance records are missing?

The aircraft is weighed, and the empty weight center of gravity is computed. These values are recorded in new weight and balance records started for the aircraft.


How do we treat new equipment added to an aircraft?

Compute weight and balance mathematically.


What is done with fuel during weight and balance?

The fuel is drained, or topped off and computed into weight and balance.


How do you get a (+) moment aft of datum?

By adding weight.


How do you get a (-) moment in front of the datum?

By adding weight.


What is done with all equipment in an aircraft not permanently installed during weight and balance?

Removed from the aircraft.


What is a loading graph?

A way to determine the CG at a glance.


What is meant by residual fuel?

The fuel that is left in the tank, lines and components when the aircraft is placed in level flight position and the fuel drained at the main fuel strainer. This is also called undrainable fuel.


What is residual oil?

Oil left in the system after draining, also known as undrainable oil.


Define ballast.

Weight added to an aircraft to correct the CG.


Name some common leveling methods.

Level and leveling means, protractor, or a plumb bob.


Which has the more critical center of gravity range, an airplane or a helicopter?

A helicopter.


Why is it necessary to consider the category under which an aircraft is licensed when computing its weight and balance?

Different categories under which an aircraft can be licensed have different maximum gross weights and different center of gravity ranges.


What is meant by the mean aerodynamic chord (MAC)?

The chord of an imaginary airfoil that has the same aerodynamic characteristics as the actual airfoil.


Name two ways to show CG or CG Range.

Inches from datum or percentage of mean aerodynamic chord.


What are two reasons weight and balance control are important in an aircraft?

For safety of flight and for most efficient performance of the aircraft.


What is meant by moment in the computation of weight and balance?

A force that tends to cause rotation. It is the product of the weight of an object in pounds and the distance of the object from the datum in inches.


How do you find the moment of an item that is installed in an aircraft?

Multiply the weight of the item in pounds by its distance from the datum in inches.


What is meant by the arm of an item that is installed in an aircraft?

The distance, in inches, between the center of gravity of the item and the datum.


Where do you find the arm of an item installed in an aircraft?

In the TCDS for the aircraft.


What must be done to find the empty weight of an aircraft if it has been weighed with fuel in its tanks?

The weight of the fuel and its moment must be subtracted from the weight and moment of the aircraft as it was weighed.


What is meant by minimum fuel as is used in the computation of aircraft weight and balance?

No more fuel than the quantity necessary for one-half hour of operation at rated maximum continuous power. It is the maximum amount of fuel used in weight and balance computations when low fuel may adversely effect the most critical balance conditions.


What is meant by the maximum zero fuel weight of an aircraft?

The maximum permissible weight of a loaded aircraft (passengers, crew, cargo, etc.), less its fuel.


What equipment must be installed in an aircraft when it is weighed to find its empty weight center of gravity?

All of the equipment that is listed in the Aircraft Equipment List as "required equipment" or as equipment that is permanently installed.


Where must a record be kept of the current empty weight and the current center of gravity of an aircraft?

In the aircraft flight manual or weight and balance records required by FAR Part 23.1583