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What is a right

An entitlement to perform or not perform certain actions, either legally or morally


What is Human rights and freedom

- the Canadian charter of rights and freedom sets out our rights and freedoms that Canadians believe are necessary in a free and democratic society.
- all rights to equal protection, + benefits of the law w/o discrimination


What is cultural diversity

Looking on closing the gap between different legislation and policies
- figuring out a balance between different faiths and our belief systems


What is responsibility in a relationship

-having a duty and being accountable for ones action. Responsible people do what needs to be done, fulfill their obligations, use good judgement and don't let people down. If we neglect this, the relationship may become unhealthy / unsafe


What is gender

- refers to the relationship between men and women
- set of characteristics that identifies the social behaviours between women and men and the relationship between them


What is gender equality

Fairness between two genders


What is sexism

Discriminating individuals and groups on the basis of their sex


What is homophobia

The fear, discust, or hatred towards gays, lesbians, and/or bisexuals people or homosexual feelings in oneself. Sex role stereotypes


What is heterosexism

The assumption that everyone is hetero - sexual. It is a form of oppression that targets gays, lesbians and bisexuals people. Confers rights and privileges to hetero sexual people that are denied to gay , lesbian and bisexual


What is sexual identity

The way you act, personality and how to you feel about your self (because you are male or female)


What is human sexuality

Identifies the biological differences between men and women


What is gender identity

Your identification of yourself as man or women based on the gender you feel to be


What is sexual orientation

A person sexual, emotional and romantic attraction towards members of the same sex, opposite or both


What is heterosexual

A person who is sexually, emotionally, and romantically attracted to a person to the opposite sex


What is homosexual

A person who is sexually, emotionally, and romantically attracted to the same sex


What is gay

A man or women who are attracted to members of the same sex


What is lesbian

Females who are attracted to other females


What is bisexual

A person who is emotionally, romantically or sexually attracted to people whose biological sex is different than the same as ones own


What is transgender

Individual whose gender identity, characteristics or expressions differ from most people of that person gender


What is intersex

Any individual who has anatomic characteristics of both sexes or whose external genitalia are ambiguous


What is coming out

A term that means openly declaring that one is lesbian, gay or bi


What is a sexuality

The lack of sexual attraction to others


What is discrimination

Is understood as a practice or action, whether intentional or not, impose burdens,obligations or disadvantages to an individual or group that are not imposed on others or that withholds or limits opportunities/benefits and disadvantages a libel to others
- ex. Race, sex place of origin, colour, disability, marital status


What is harassment on the basis of sex, gender, or gender identity

- physical assault or interference
- inappropriate display or transmission
- sexist jokes
- offensive or insulting remarks


If you see discrimination..

Seek advice, take action, keep records


What is the ideal decision making model

I -> identify the problem
D -> Discuss the situation
E -> evaluate each situation (pro vs cons)
A -> act (pick one)
L -> learn from it