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Name three H&S and Security concerns for audience.

1. Heating, lighting & ventilation
2. Electrical equipment safe
3. Toilets & clean drinking water
4. First Aid kits and Medics
5. Emergency Exits illuminated (lit up) in case of fire
6. Use of door staff to direct audience in case of emergency
7. Obstacles appropriately lit/indicated (i.e. stairs)
8. Adequate parking & parking arrangements
9. Flow of people in and out of venue (avoiding crushes)
10. Secure ramps/stage scaffolding (safety of audience and artist)
11. Noise/Rubbish and Environmental Factors
12. Evacuation procedures displayed on walls.
13. Proper Ticketing systems, to ensure you know how many people are in venue, and that you don’t go over the venue capacity.
14. Enough Fire Extinguishers for the venue


Name three Health and Safety issues for Employees (including Artists)

1. Staff are well-briefed on evacuation procedures / regular drills etc.
2. Ear defenders for ‘noise risks’
3. Risk Assessments
4. PAT testing of electrical appliances
5. Hard hats/harnesses etc. for working on site.
6. ‘Zero Tolerance’ approach to abuse
7. ‘Asbestos’ – staff/workmen aware of risks
8. Equal Opportunities for Jobs
9. Regular breaks for staff