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Human flourishing, the joy we feel striving for our potential


Losada Line

2.9 positive comments to negative comments for a corporation to be successful. 6-1 is ideal



when stuck in a negative spiral, create a positive hypothesis to help pull you out


Internal locus of Control

The belief that our actions have a direct effect on our outcomes.

Benefits of: Greater feelings of control lead to higher levels of happiness and higher grades and more motivation to pursue the careers they wanted. What is more important is how much control we think we have.



An event map where all routes end in failure



Adversity: event that happens

Belief: Reaction to event, why we thought it happened, what it means for the future.

Consequence: opportunity or defeat. If we see adversity as an opportunity, we maximize the chance of a positive consequence. If pessimistic, helplessness and inaction can bring negative consequences

Disputation: Recognize your belief as just that, disputing it. Talking yourself down from a more catastrophic reaction, being more realistic


Critical Stress Point

Once stress has reached a certain stress level, the smallest setback can trigger the amygdala, hitting the panic button


Zorro Circle

Don't write a book, write a page. Biting off more than you can chew can cause procrastination an promote a fear response in the brain.

Tiny incremental changes can add up to astounding results


Psychic Entropy

listless, apathetic feeling that kicks in when we engage in passive activities for more than half an hour


External Rules

Set agreed upon, managed rules to save willpower
(One coffee break per morning)


Activation Energy

Raise the activation energy of habits you want to stop, lower it for habits you want to start.
tendency to act only becomes effectively ingrained in us in proportion to the uninterrupted frequency with which the actions actually occur, and the brain grows to their use.


Happiness Advantage

Small blips of positivity that pepper our lives. indulging in these blips can give us an immediate boost of cognitive power and performance


Some stock advantages

Meditate, Find something to look forward to, Commit conscious acts of kindness, Infuse positivity into your surroundings, exercise, Spend money on experiences, exercise a signature strength
build in prizes and fuel positivity. openly encouraging