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If a participant was misbehaving how would you as the coach react to the participant and what actions would you take?

I would address the behaviour to them and challenge it however if it continues I would sit them out to stop them from influencing other participants.


If there was damage to the equipment in your session how would you change it?

I would adapt my session to meet the needs for the participants by not including equipment and change the drill.


If one of your participants turned up to your session with jewellery on what actions would you take?

Jewellery can come off so u need to tell them to remove it it is sharp so it could seriously hurt someone.


How would you adapt your session to mixed ability participants in a non-contact session?

I would get the more experienced players to help the less experienced so that they can learn as its non-contact it will help them develop.


If someone has been injured and broken their leg how would you react to the situation?

I would comfort them and get someone to call the emergency services make sure they call emergents contacts and have filled out a incident report form.


Before your session you go out to check the area but there is something sharp sticking out of the ground how would you take action to this situation?

I would call the maintenance to get it removed ASAP and then change my session to a different area if there’s any space or change the drill.


Tyler has arrived in jean a necklace and sunglasses .
Give 3 reason why this could be a hazard?

Jeans can restrict movement
Glasses can smash
Necklace can be a choking hazard


A football pitch has smashed glass on it. This is a hazard
How would you deal with this situation?

Report it
Change area


In the sports hall there is a wet floor. What could you do to reduce the hazard and what further action would you take?

Wet floor sign
Get a health and safety executive or maintenance


A football pitch is waterlogged. What would you do to prevent the hazard

Go to a different venue
Cancel match
Go inside


The leader of a badminton session has set the new beginner a high intensity lesson. How is this a hazard of health?

Too much exercise is dangerous at a high intensity


What would happened if the leader showed the wrong technique?

Could lead to injury
E.g strains