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List 3 ways activities can be adapted?

- Time
- Type
- Intensity
- Playing area
- Partipancts needs


Why are rules required when delivering activity?

Keep everyone safe, people know what they are doing. Scoring can be agreed which enables competition to be created.


How can sessions be adapted for peoples needs?

- Smaller or bigger areas using cones.
- Difficulty level of drill or skill


How could you make basketball accessible for wheelchair users?

- Make baskets lower
- Court bigger
- Split into ability level groups


Why is it important for staff to be trained on activities, equipment and facilities to support inclusive activity delivery?

Provide staff with the ability to run sessions for all levels of abilities ensuring they offer inclusive sport for all to be involved.


What things need to be considered to manage an effective session?

- Timings
- Use of resources
- Space


Why is discipline/ behaviour management important when running a session?

- Ensure the session is safe
- You gain respect of the partipancts
- Keep open communication


Why is it important to use activities, skill levels and intensities that are appropriate for the group?

- So they can all participate
- Reduce the risk of injury
- Development of partipancts
- Engagement
- Enjoyed the session


If a leader follows best practice what are the benefits for the organisation?

- Highly regarded
- Good reputation
- Increased business & participants


How does best practice from an activity leader benefit participants?

- Safer
- More enjoyment
- Likely to be motivated in sessions
- Increase fitness


What does reflective practice mean for an active leader?

Reflect on the session and identify what was positive and what could be improved so that the activity leader can develop future sessions.