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In what state does asbestos become a health hazard?

2. Asbestos in its natural state or "Asbestos Containing Material" (ACM) which when intact
does not present a health hazard. The hazard is created when the material becomes friable and is allowed into the atmosphere and is inhaled or ingested. This occurs when the material is disturbed during fire or overhaul operations, or flakes off from age or deterioration of the protective covering.


What radio code is given when it is determined that operations involve SUSPECTED asbestos contamination?

4.1.1 When it is determined that operations involve suspected asbestos contamination, transmit radio signal 10-80, specifying asbestos release.


What can we do to prevent the ACM from becoming airborne?

4.1.4 Wet ACM by using a fog or spray stream to prevent the fibers from becoming airborne.


What is the major concern once the ACM is wet?

Once the ACM is wet, the major concern is
cross-contamination caused by tracking asbestos from one area to another on the soles of boots or shoes, or by moving vehicles or equipment.


What do we do when members are suspected or confirmed to be contaminated?

4.1.7 Isolate members suspected or confirmed to be contaminated to prevent cross contamination
of apparatus or other members. NO EATING, DRINKING, OR SMOKING is permitted from the time of exposure until decontamination is complete. SCBA must be used until decon procedures are initiated or member has been washed down.


Who is responsible to inventory the contaminated equipment when bagging for decon?

7.3 Unit officers are responsible for the inventory of all firefighting equipment placed into the plastic bags. This procedure will be supervised by an officer from SOC.