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Crew Compartment

Canberra Mini-radiac
Set of Assorted keys
Assorted maps and Reference books
1 Officers Clipboard
(5) Valcan Hand lights
(5) Scott’s SCBA’s
1 Bunaculars


Compartment #1

-2 30lb Class D Extinguishers
-Detachable shower Wand for Class D Extinguisher
-medical gloves (lg)
-5 lb. Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher
-tool box
- 3 Coliwasa tubes
- funnel
- slide sledge
- Dip Cup
- Drum Upender
- 3 Cyphines
- Big Easy Slim Jim kit


Compartment #2

-Lock out/tag out kit
-crate of Assorted plugs & wedges
-Vetter Leak sealing system
-5 Misc. plug/patch/leak/fittings kit
-pipe patch kit
-set of non-sparking tools
-drum and tank repair
-hole saw kit (Milwaukee Brand)
-metro bag
-lid lock kit
-dewalt tools


Compartment #4

-2 SCBS’s under compartment
-2 kitty pools
-aggressive absorbent pads
-universal pads
-4x4 shuffle pit/ 4x4 fiber tech pads
-foldout Devon pool
-3 pylon bases
-50ft of 3 inch hose
-4 blue buckets
-hook for retractable shade


Compartment #5

-2 Electro static sprayer
-4 hand pumps
-collapsible cones (orange/yellow)
-2 walkers
-500 gal. Bladder
-3 Decon trash hampers (red,green,yellow)
-1 1/2 gated Y on 50ft of hose & nozzle
-black tote ((3)mixing bowls, technical decon hose, vacuum, blower,yellow&blue hose, white fiber tech pads)


Compartment #6

-2 red decon bags
-green decon bag
- yellow decon bag w/suit cutter
-2 skeds
-2 saw horses
-decon tent & tarp


Rear of Unit

2 removable quartz lights on tripods


Compartment #7

-3 Ramfan Ventilator hose
-cord and reel
-blow hard fan
-blow hard fan ventilator hose


Compartment #8

-4 shovels
-2 non sparking shovel
-4 cribbing for jacks
-2 jacks
-4 sticks (2white,red,blue)
-4 brushes (2white,red,blue)


Compartment #9

-4 tychem 2xl level B suits
-1 tychem 3xl level B suit
-4 pig booms
-Mass decon redress
-2 collapsible wheel chicks under compartment
- gas shut off
-absorbent pulp
-petroleum absorbent pads
-6 rope throw bags
-pig drain cover


Compartment #10

-200’ cord reel and junction box
-(3) 3 gal. Blue buckets
-shower wand
-decon box
-floor basin
-2 folding benches
- salvage cover
-2 hand brushes
-broom handle
- bleach
-5 shower wands
-2 red bags of prd
- red tarp
-A&B chlorine kit
-2 rolls of scene tape


Compartment 11&12

10 Bags of kitty litter absorbent


Compartment #13

Thermal Imager battery charger
3 area raw gamma steel
ToxiRae pro chlorine meter
ToxiRae CO2 meter
3 Canberra MCB2 Rad meters
2 Canberra mini radiac
Refrigerator leak detector
2 MultiRae Gas lite Meters
2 chargers for MultiRae
2 power strips
Jerome charger
4 thermos fisher batteries/2 chargers
Jerome J505 Mercury Meter
2 Rae Link 3 Mesh radios
Temperature gun
MX 908
2 boxes of tubing
MX908 battery and charger


Refrigerator Compartment

10 Steele Thermo Stripes(ice packs)
3 wax rings
4 cooling vest
4 cooling Caps


Compartment #14

Reference Materials


Compartment #15

2 level A suits
Harness Rope Rescue
3 ropes


Compartment #16

Bin of blue over Boots
1 pair of tingley Boots size 7
-1 size 8
-1 size 10
-2 size 11
-2 size 12
-3 size 13


Compartment #17

13 Kappler Level B suits


Compartment #18

Bin of Chem tape
Bin of Alkaline batteries
8 cannisters/ respirators
3 Level A suits
Bin of deodorant kit
2 narcotic kits


Compartment 19

Loose green M nitrile gloves
Bin of green Lg. Nitrile gloves
Bin of green XL nitrile gloves
Bin of green 2xl nitrile gloves
Bin of blue disposable nitrile gloves
Bin of black butyl gloves
Bin of orange work gloves
Bin of black ansell edmont gloves
Bin of Neoprene gloves
Bin of black viton gloves
Bin of silver shield gloves
Bin of black pvc gloves
2 mercury spill kits


Compartment #20

Bin of blastocyst bags
3 white powder kits
Bin of Biothreat tickets
Bin of M-8,M-9 paper and 256 kits
2 bags of absorbent towels
Roll of laboratory film(para)
Bin of sample jars
Bin of pH paper, spilfyers, dye Tabs and Clor-N-Oil
20/20 kits
(L side) pippettes/ Sterile Swabs (R side)
Sterile syringes


Compartment #21

3 Sensit HXG3 Meters
Case of 3 Drager pumps & supplies
Boxes of loaner ToxiRae 3’s
Various Drager tubes
Drager pump
Red Eagle
Medical bag


On and above Counter

1 Scott pack tracker/ battery charger
2 laptop computers
Ink Jet printer
MSA Thermal Imager
Bin of reference and worksheets
Box of medical gloves
Nextel phone and charger
Dry Eraser Board
(2) Trey
(2) in suit communication Handsets
(2) portable O2 bottles
Water Cooler


Under Counter

Bin of reference worksheets
2 red plastic carry totes
Crate of Misc. cords
Drawer with Misc. items


Drawer 1

AP4C batteries
Lightweight chemical
LCD battery pack


Drawer 2

Extension Tubbing


Drawer 3

Pak finder
3 cylinder methane
Multi cylinder
O2 (2)