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What is the Toxie Rae Pro Meter?

Is a Gas meter

(On unit 1 reads Chlorine and the other Carbon Dioxide In ppm)


What is the Mini Radiac Rad Meter?

Is a radiation detector that read Gamma only and should be kept in Rate Mode for normal operations.


What is the Sensit Combustible Gas meter calibrated with?


(LeL range 4.4%-16.4%)


What does the Toxie Rae 3 measure?

TWA (time, weight average)
40 hrs a week, 8 hrs a day 35 ppm


What is the sampling device called for the AP4C?



How is the Toxie Rae 3 calibrated?

It’s calibrated once a week with Isobutylene


How often is the MultiRae lite calibrated and Bump?

Calibrated once a month and Bump tested 3x a month


What is the Natural background in the DC area?

Ranges between 5-20 uR/hr
(0.005-0.2 mR/hr)


How does the AP2C detects the agents?

It detects the atoms of the phosphorus (contained in G & V agents) and the Sulfur (contained in HD, V agents)


What is the safety alarms on the Toxie Rae 3 based on?

STEL(short term exposure limit)
Is the acceptable average exposure over a short period of time, usually 15 minutes. Not exceeding 200ppm


How does the (AP4C & AP2C) search and detects the chemicals?

The device uses;

The Phosphorus (P) detection channel for Nerve agents for; G, V

The HNO(Nitroxyl) detection channel for; HN & AC

The Arsenic (As) detection channel for; L, ED, MD, PD, SA, DA, DC, DM

The Sulfur (S) detection Channel for; Blister agents H, HD, HL, HT


What are the levels of the LED/Haz on the Sensit mean and Percentage of LeL?

Amber Led/low 5-9.9% LeL
Red Led/Haz 1 10.0-24.5% LeL
Red Led/Haz 2 25-49.9% LeL
Red Led/Haz 3 50-100% LeL


How long does the MultiRae require for first response?

It requires 20 seconds for first response, 2 seconds per foot and 2 minutes for Hit. Stay on target for two minutes.


What are the radiation detection doses for the Mini Radiac?

1 uR/hr to 500 uR/hr (for Dose Rate)

0.1 uR/hr to 999 R/hr (for Total Dose)


What is the technology behind the MX 908?

It uses negative and positive atoms to determine the molecular weight.


What are the (3) modes Jerome test in?

Standard- for normal sampling or detection of EPA or ATSDR cleanup levels

Quick- for faster sampling

Search- for scanning an area to locate the source of contamination


What are the highs and lows to the gases on the MultiRae Lite?

LeL 10% & 20%
O2 19.5% & 23.5%
H2S (aka sewer gas) 10ppm & 20ppm
CO 35ppm & 200ppm
VOC 50ppm & 100ppm
SO2 2ppm & 10ppm

HCN 4.7ppm & 25 ppm (2nd meter)


What is the AP2C?

Is a flame Spectrophotometer for gas detection

It Is a portable chemical contamination control device used to detect chemical agents; G, VX & HD in the forms of vapor or aerosols


What is the 6 measure options for the MultiRae?

LeL- lower explosives limit
O2 -Oxygen
H2S -Hydrogen Sulfide
CO -carbon Monoxide
VOC- volatile organic compound
SO2- Sulfur Dioxide
And HCN-Hydrogen Cyanide (for the 2nd meter)


What is the (3) three technologies behind the MultiRae?

PIDs- photo ionization device
Catalytic Bead
Electrochemical Gas sensor (ECam)


What is the technology behind the ECam (Electrochemical Gas Sensor)

ECam cell are a type of fuel cell design to produce a current that is precisely related to the chemical of the target gas in the atmosphere.

ECam gas sensors are gas detectors that measures the concentration of a target gas at an electrode and measuring the resulting current.

(Searches for O2, H2S, CO, SO2 & HCN)


What is the test time for the Jerome?

Quick-16 seconds
Search-8 seconds


What does the LCD test for?

CWA(chemical warfare agents) and
TICs (toxic Industrial Chemicals)


What does the MX 908 look for?

All CWA, Explosives, TIC


What is the STEL-C for the Toxie Rae 3?
(Short term exposure limit ceiling)



What is a LCD 3.3?

The LCD 3.3 is a lightweight chemical detector that uses Ion Mobility Spectrometry


What is the difference between the AP4C and the AP2C?

The AP4C is a portable chemical contamination device used to detect all nerve, blood and blister agents including TICs(toxic industrial chemical ) and TIMs (Toxic Industrial Material)

It is Intrinsically(naturally) safe


What is the Jerome J505?

Is a Mercury Vapor Analyzer


What does the flame constant supply come from?

A hydrogen canister


How does the Catalytic Bead work?

The Catalytic Bead sensor consists of two coils of fine aluminum wire each embedded in a bead of alumina, connected electrically in a Wheatstone circuit.

The current that passes thru the coils reaches temps of between 500-550 degress Celsius.

(Oxygen has to be at least 12% by volume for the oxidation)

(Searches for LeL)


What does the Mini Rad shows in dose mode?

Shows the accumulated amount of absorbed radiation.

(To clear accumulated dose, press and hold the clr/test and dose key until flashing stops)


How does the Atomic fluorescence Spectroscope works? (Jerome J505)

Mercury atoms absorb light with a 254nm wavelength.

When the mercury atom in the sample cell absorbs the light, it is re-emitted at the same wavelength.

During instrument operation, ambient air is drawn through the intake by the pump at a nominal flow rate of one liter/minute.

The air sample is exposed to light with a 254nm wavelength. Any mercury present will absorb and then re-emit the light.


How does the Jerome J505 reads?

By an atomic fluorescence spectroscopy for mercury analysis


What are the downfalls to the LCD?

Meter can pick up many false positives due to fragrances like cleaning products aromatic capes, etc.


What (3) display readings does Jerome use to measure units?

Nano-nanograms per cubic meter (ng/m3)
Micro- micrograms per cubic meter
Milli- milligrams per cubic meter. mg/m3)


How’s does the LCD work?

It uses IONs of the vapor that enters the rain cap.

The ammonia SIV located inside the detector travels along the drift tube with the ions of the unknown vapor.

The ammonia and the unknown vapor is then compared by who made it to the collector plate the fastest which is determined by the library of the detector.


How does the PID work?

measures the VOCs in the air by PID. The PID uses an ultraviolet light source to breakdown VOCs in the air into positives and negative ions. The PID then measure the charge of the ionized gas. Uses a 10.6 (eV) bulb

(Searches for for VOCs)


What is the technology behind the AP2C?

Different interference filters are place in front of the photocell, which measure the luminous emitting variations of the flame.

The electrical signal from the photocell is processed in real time by a micro board. It is then analyzed.


What are the Dose Rate Alarm set at for the Mini Radiac?

Low Dose Alarm 1 R/hr

High Dose Alarm 5 R/hr


What is the VOC and LeL calibrated to?

VOC is calibrated to Isobutylene and LeL is calibrated to Methane.


What is the MC908?

Is a mass spectrometer


What are the Rate Alarm set at for the Mini Radiac?

Low Rate Alarm 100 uR/hr

High Rate Alarm 1 R/hr


What is the Sensit?

It’s a combustible Gas Meter