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Introduction And Background

- Khadija Bint Khuwalid

- Wealthy Family; She Has Been Left Great Wealth

- Twice Married And Widowed With 3 Children

- Sent Her Merchandise For Trading


With The Prophet

- The Prophet Was Recommended To Her And She Sent Her Slave Maisara With Him On A Business Trip

- She Was Impressed By His Honesty And Proposed Marriage

- He Brought Back Huge Profits And Maisara Spoke Very Highly Of Him

- He Accepted The Proposal After Consulting Abu Bakr

- She Was 40 And He Was 25

- 6 Children

- She Brought Wealth, Prestige And Influence To The Prophet

- Devoted And Loving, Always Stood By Him

- Warqa Bin Naufil Incident

- First Convert

- Year Of Grief


Quotes And Titles

- The Prophet Said;
“The Noblest Women Of The World Are Maryam And Khadija”

- After Her Death He Defended Her And Justified His Perpetual Thought About Her To Hazrat Aisha By Saying That She Was The One Who Stood By Him In Times Of Hardships And Always Believed In Him