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Introduction And Background

- 3rd/2nd Wife

- Favourite Wife Of His Last Years

- Daughter Of Abu Bakr

- Age Is A Matter Of Dispute

- She Started Living With The Prophet In 2AH


With The Prophet

- Principle Wife

- Beautiful And Lively

- Loved By The Prophet(Died In Her Apartment And Lap)

- Helped Muslims In The Battle Of Uhud

- Narrated 2210 Ahadith And 300 Of Hadith On Her Authority Are In The Sahihs Of Muslim And Bukhari


- Widowed At 18

- Disagreed With Usman(RA)’s Policies, But Condemned His Violent Death

- Also Disagreed With Hazrat Ali On His Reaction Of Hazrat Usman’s Murder

- Supported Talha And Zubair


Necklace Incident

- She Accompanied The Prophet(SAW) On An Expedition

- Lost Her Necklace And Wandered Around Looking For It

- The Rest Moved On Without Noticing Her Absence

- Eventually She Was Brought Back By A Handsome Young Man

- According To Heresy And Gossip, She Had Committed A Sin

- Abdullah Bin Ubbay Made A Great Deal Out Of It

- When The Prophet Himself Enquired She Was Reduced To Tears

- There Was Never Any Firm Evidence Against Her Then The Prophet Received A Revelation(Surah Al Nur(11-19) Affirming Her Innocence

- These Verses Also Talk About Allah’s Displeasure For Those Who Make False Accusations