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- Daughter Of Umar(RA)

- Wife Of Kunais Ibn Huzaifa

- They Migrated To Abyssinia

- Kunais Was Killed At Badr

- After Her Iddat, The Prophet Expressed An Interest In Marrying Her

- Strengthen Ties With Umar


With The Prophet

- Memorised The Quran By Heart

- Spent 8 Years With Him

- Quick Tempered Like Her Father

- Honey Incident; Didn’t Like The Smell Of The Prophet’s Mouth After Honey, So He Said He’d Never Eat It Again, Then Came A Revelation Ordering Him Not To Make Anything Unlawful Onto Himself Which Is Lawful, After This She Sought Forgiveness”

- She Kept The Original Copy Of The Quran For Safekeeping, Mushaf Al Hafsa

- Taken From Her By Her Father For Standardisation

- Died When She Was 60