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When working as a sports activity leader why is safety important?

you must ensure that safety of yourself and others is maintained to avoid risk of injury or illnesses


State two way that a tennis activity can be adapted?

- Lower the net
- Smaller area
- Different types of balls ( slower - faster, softer - harder)


What is an employers responsibility when considering health and safety?

Make sure that you are working in a safe environment ensuring the activity, equipment and facilities are safe to work in.


What should you do if you find glass on the floor in your session?

Report to the health and safety office or who is in charge at the time.
Cancel your session to protect the partipancts or move to an alternative venue


What are the signs and symptoms of a sprain?

- Swelling
- Pain
- Redness


What are the signs and symptoms of Concussion?

- Headache
- Nauseous


Identify the safeguarding responsibilities of an activity leader?

- Reporting signs of neglect or abuse


Identify two ways a sports leader should plan for a session?

- Plan for contingencies (alternative plan)
- Plan safe techniques and demonstrations


Provide 2 responsibilities that you have to ensure health and safety of yourself and children are maintained?

- Make sure all partipancts are aware of the emergency exits in event of a fire or emergency procedure
- Ensure they understand how equipment can be used correctly using correct technique.


What are the consequences for employees and employers of non compliance with health and safety legislation?

- Business could be asked to close
- Business or activity leader could be taken to court
- Reduced number of customers