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What is a risk assessment?

A process evaluating potential risks in a work area


What is checked in a risk assessment?

Layout of work area
Chemicals should be covered
Protective clothing


What is the furniture and furnishings regulations 1988?

Resist to smouldering (cigarettes)
Permanent labels on flammability
Non flammable layer underneath cotton


What does the Health and Safety work at 1994 do?

Protects employees - prevent injury and protect health
Protects employers - safety responsibility of all in the work place
Safe equipment


What is the trade descriptions act?

Any claim by a manufacturer must be true


What is the sale and supply of Goods act 1979?

Protects consumers
Goods must fit the description, satisfactory quality
fit for purpose


What is the General Product Safety Regulations 2005?

Manufacturers are responsible for the safety of their products, warnings of hazards


What is the Lion Mark?

British Toy and Hobby association member made it who stuck to safety marketing and ethical guidelines


What is the CE Mark?

Manufacturers claim that the product meets the essential safety standards, sold throughout Europe