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What are smart materials?

Materials that can sense and react to the environmental conditions and are produced to perform a particular function.


What are some examples of smart fabrics?

- tights impregnated with moisture or vitamins.
- wrinkle free fabrics or garments.
- sanitised fabrics for sportswear.


What are interactive textiles ?

Includes a circuit and micro chip in a fabric so that it can act like a computer or store energy.


What are some examples of interactive textiles ?

- hats and gloves that generate power through movement and then produce energy to keep the wearer warm.
- fibre optics woven into fabrics act as radios or MP3 players.
- lights incorporated into clothing for safety purposes.


What is micro encapsulation?

A smell is contained in fibres.
The smell is released when the patch is scratched.


What is Kevlar?

An incredibly strong material which is 5 times stronger than steel.
Used for bullet proof vests and other protective garments.


What is Polartec?

A biodegradable polyester fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.
It is warm, lightweight, breathable and is often used to make fleece fabric.


What is Nomex?

A heat proof fabric which is used to make garments for fire fighters, astronauts and racing car drivers.


What is Neoprene?

Used for wetsuits and sportswear.
It's made from synthetic rubber and resists water and is also soft and warm.
It is environmentally friendly as it can be recycled.