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what are the indication for a hysterectomy in a clients who has fibromas?

Severe monorrhgia leading to anemia, severe dysmenorrhea requiring narcotic analgesics, severe uterine enlargement, causing pressure on other organs, severe low back pain and pelvic pain.


List the symtpoms and conditions associated with a cystocele.

incontinence or stress incontinence, urinary retention, recurrent bladder infections.
Conditions associated: multiparty, trauma during childbirth, and aging.


what are the most important interventions for the postop client who has had a hysterectomy with and A&P repain?

avoid rectal temps, rectal manipulation manage pain, encourage early ambulation.


Describe the priority nursing care for a client who has had radiation implants?

DO not allow pregnant visitors or caregivers in room. Discourage visits by small children. confine client to room. nurse must wear radiation badge. nurse limits time in room. keep supplies and equipment within clients reach.


what screening tool is used to detect cervical cancer? what are the american cancer society's recommendations for a pap-smear screening for female underage 21?

Females under age 21 should not have pap smear screening.


Cite two nursing DX for a client undergoing a hysterectomy for cervical CA?

Altered body image R/T uterine removal.
Pain R/T post op incision.


what are the 3 most important tools for early detection of breast CA? How ofter should these tools be used?

Self breast exam -monthly.
mammogram baseline at age 35- Q 1-2 yrs in 40s. Q1yr after 50s. Physiocal exam by professional skilled examination of breast.


describe 3 nursing interventions to help decrease edema postmastectomy?

position arm on op aide on pillow. limb alert on that arm. encoruage hand activity on the side.


Name 3 priorities to include in D/C planing for a pt with a mastectomy.

arrange for Reach to Recovery visit.
Discus the grief process with the client. have physican discuss with pt the reconstructive options.


What is the most common cause of nongonococcal urethritis?

Chlamydia trachomatis


what si the causative organism of syphillis?

Treponema pallidum (spirochete bacteria)


malodorous, frothy, greenish-yellow vaginal discharge is characteristic of which STD?

Trichomonas vaginalis


which STD is charactwerizted by remissions and exacerbations in both males and females?

Herpes simplex type 2


outline a teaching plan for a client with and STD.

S/S of STD, mode of transmission, avoid sex while infected, providing concise written instructions regarding treatment, and requesting a return verbalization to ensure that the client understands, teach safer sex practices.